Drugs and Alcohol

THE 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE DAY 10: Your views on drugs and alcohol

(I’m skipping Day 9 because I have a special entry for that but I still can’t find the time to do it, so, here’s Day 9 muna.)

I know this is one sensitive topic on the community. Never had the chance to give my opinion about it before, so I’ll take this opportunity to do so.


Whenever we hear it, what comes to mind?

In my case I can see aluminum foils, transparent packets with white substance inside it, cigarettes with “crazy” things inside it, soft drink plastics with a gooey thing inside it and little kids sniffing in, group of guys lighting up those foils and (also) sniffing it in, red eyes, high minds.

This is what media taught me of what drugs are. Well, I never seen anyone taking drugs in front of me, but, this is what I see on the news, at the movies, TV shows and newspapers.

Seriously, people, what do you get from it? Aside from the ephemeral “high” that you get that would seriously won’t take your problems away as quickly as they go? Wala naman eh. Diba?

– A lot got addicted. Some would even go bankrupt just to sustain their addiction.

– Family relationships ruined. I know a lot of you would try to help a relative that got addicted to be rehabilitated, but some drug addicts would just not accept any help, and be insistent that they don’t have a problem. Then it all ends up to broken families, abandoned kids/husbands/wives/parents. Using it would just make everything end up in a bad/sad way.

Do you still see anything “GOOD” about using “DRUGS”?

I know some people who are “users”and I feel sorry for them. One of my friends made a note at Facebook about addiction to drugs/being a user, what people (that we know were users) said was very immature of them…

Bakit pa kailangan mag-post ng ganito? Wala naman ginagawang masama sa inyo yung mga gumagamit ah?”

Pakelam mo ba?”

Anong problema mo?

I was like, WHAT? It was a random post, it didn’t have your names on it, no one said it was you, and yet you react as if the world accused you of being a drug user. Good job on not being obvious, brother.


Alcohol, for me, is acceptable for the right ages, and is much more accepted by the community (than drugs). People who are young might not be able to control themselves. Yes, there are a lot of people getting in trouble, rape, liver diseases, drinking and driving, and a lot more, and these are caused by irresponsible drinking.

It’s okay to drink, (on the right age) but not all the time. I read somewhere that somehow, our body needs a little alcohol from time to time. A bottle of beer on a Saturday night, a little cocktail with the girls, on a ladies’ night out, won’t hurt. Just give spaces – in days, between that.

I’m not gonna lie, I do drink. But, I know that I can handle myself. I stop when I know I can’t tolerate any alcohol anymore, and make sure that I keep myself sober enough.

I have some tips if you and your friends are on a “basagan night” or “heavy drinking night”…

– Make sure that all the people you are with are people YOU KNOW.

– Be on one secure house.

-Ideally, you can invite one person that you know doesn’t drink that much (or doesn’t drink at all) so that he/she can look over you guys. (So that everyone won’t drink that much, keep everyone safe, bathe someone – if needed. Haha) or take care of all the drunk people who needs assistance. Hahaha

Basically, it’s just being responsible of the things you do, and yourself, of course.


Two different things, but both sensitive issues in the community. A lot of us has different views regarding it, and for me, this is it. And there’s nothing I ask more than for you to please respect my opinion.

Thanks a lot for your time! :)


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