25th Birthday Wishlist

Wow. I am turning 25 this year. Effin quarter life, yo.

Speaking of my birthday, I am going to list down things here that I want to have/ happen on my birthday, wishing that someone reads this and surprises me. Hahahaha. (That’s sad. XD)

  1. Funko Pop – I recently bought 2 bookshelves, where I plan to place my books on one and the other shelf for funko pops as I really plan to start collecting this year. And I told Dennis to get me these for my birthday! Hahaha! Hi babe!! :)))
  2. Adidas NMD – Well, I do not expect anyone to give me this, I just want this one. Hahahaha. I mean, it’s super stylish and the colors are super nice. I currently have 2 Adidas Originals sneaks and they are both black and white, so I want a new one with a pop of color.Adidas NMD
  3. A small birthday party in a bar, with a live band playing. And I want my friends to be the one playing (calling Atrium bandmates, where you guys at?!). I just realized that I should have started planning this a year ago, so I might just throw this kind of party next year.
  4. Solo trip – As I mentioned in my Life Updates post, I was planning a solo out of the country trip, however something came up and I am not sure if I could still push through. I still wish I could though! I was originally planning on flying to Taiwan, and I still want to, it’s just that, if it’s not possible then a domestic solo trip would be just fine too.
  5. Time to reflect on my 25 years of existence. Where I was and where I am now. Where I want to be in the future. What goals I want to achieve. What new things I need to do/ discover. Basically, I want to be in tune with life. Be where I am supposed to be and be happy.

Wow, can’t believe that was it. My brain might just be blanking out right now, as I used to write so much on my wishlists! Haha.

Anyway, if I think of new things I will just update this post, I should probs sleep now, it’s almost 2AM. :D





Life Updates and Whatnots

Hello, hello!

Oh how I missed writing.

I am currently deep into my superhero shows obsession that I throw my blog and books in the side to watch movies, read articles, find the best comic books, and what ever to feed my obsession. Haha!

It is kinda hard at work lately as we are on a tight manning and recently changed management in our department, so you can imagine a ton of changes and adjustments going on. But I am actually surprised that I am more pumped and inspired to work lately. What is wrong with me? ;D

Anyway, I just want to list down random things here to update my very minimal blog followers. (Hi! My blog still exists! Hehe.)

  • I just got a vacuum cleaner for my condo and I have been wondering why I haven’t bought one for the last 4 years that I was living there. IT WAS MAGIC. <3
  • I am currently training for a managerial position at work. Just to be ready if ever a position becomes vacant. I was actually not really looking into getting this position as my colleagues and superiors know that I am really leaning more into training. But since an opportunity is up, I guessed I would just go with it, right?
  • I was planning an overseas solo trip for my birthday which looks like its scrapped now because of some unforeseen circumstances. I would still try to push for it, though! Never say never!
  • My mom’s 55th birthday is coming up and I am planning on maybe booking a staycation for the whole fam.
  • I want a week long vacation, wherein I would just stay at home for 2 days and then spend one whole day at a nice cozy coffee shop and do my errands. Cook lunch for the fam. Swim everyday. Read comics and books. And basically, just relax. I haven’t had a proper rest since January.
  • I know I always say this, but I really want to have the time to always write here. I am miserably failing with my 2017 NY Resolutions. *facepalm*
  • We have an upcoming trip to Cebu with my work friends and I am so excited!! This is our first trip together out of the main island that we are complete. #baksislife
  • By the way, what do you guys think about the new Spiderman movie? Because, I LOVED IT! The story was light, in contrast with Civil War where we first saw Tom Holland as Spidey. But IMO, we need that. ‘Cause all the movies are already heavy and we need one movie to balance things out. And besides, Tom was great as Peter and Spiderman! I loved Tobey and Andrew but that “young” feeling that you get from the comics was better portrayed by Tom.
  • Justice League is also coming out this year, and I recently saw a panel of the JL cast in the recent SDCC. It was a big turn off when Ezra Miller slightly threw shade over at Marvel, saying “Are there other comic houses? (other than DC)”. I seriously think they are not in the position to be talking trash as Marvel is the biggest in the Cinematic Universe business now. Get your shit together, Miller. (I still love you, though :))

I still have so much to talk about, but I will just post another entry with a more organized content.

Thanks for reading! :*

South Korea Trip 2016 (Part 1)


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Gyeongbokgung Palace

It has been a great 8-Day trip. The best I have ever been to in my whole life!

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was my most anticipated trip for this year. And I am really glad we got to travel as a family, since we were most of the time never complete at home.

I will share with you all the places we went to, food we tried and all the great experiences as brief as I can. You know me, my mind thinks so fast, I don’t realize I have been typing so much. Haha.

Day 1.

Our flight was supposed to take off at 2:50PM, but Air Asia rescheduled it 2hours later. We touched down at Incheon Airport at about 10PM. When we left Manila, I was wearing this cute Banana Republic dress and boots. I have also brought my jacket with me as we were expecting a near 0 degrees at Incheon when we land. And boy oh boy, wrong day to not have decided to wear leggings. It was freezing cold!!! It was fun as well because we can see our breath fog up, and that never happens in here Manila (ofcourse). We went straight and hired a Jumbo Taxi to our AirBnb Accommodation. We met our host Charlie at the T-Mark Bus Stop and it was really nice of him to meet us at 12MN. After settling down, we went to sleep, tired from all the travelling. We want to be ready for our adventure the next day.

Day 2.

So we woke up late, and since we only have one bathroom, it took us quite a long time to get ready. We had lunch first at around 1PM at this really nice traditional Korean Restaurant, just one block away from the house. It was quite difficult to order (and basically ask your way around) because only a few people could understand English.

After our late lunch, we went straight to Myeongdong Cathedral to catch the Good Friday Mass scheduled at 3PM.

To our surprise, it was a Korean Mass! Luckily, mom brought her English Station of the Cross guide. And we got to follow the mass even when everyone was speaking in Korean.

After mass, we then explored the shopping heaven in Central Seoul, Myeongdong.

You can find the best korean cosmetics here, almost every corner has a Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Missha, Etude House and Banila Co. And they are sold there on cheaper prices than here in Manila. You can imagine that I went on a shopping spree. Hehe. :)

We then had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Tip for travelers though, they often try to sell you the highest priced in the menu. Do not fall for that! Haha. And if you want to catch the waiter’s attention, just say “jeogiyo” with conviction! ;)

Day 3.

Day 3 is Nami Island Day! Nami Island was the shooting location of Endless Love: Winter Sonata, which was a well known K-Drama in the Philippines about 8-10 years ago. Of course it did not disappoint, the place was very dreamy and scenic. Though the travel was kinda long. Watch out, lots of photos ahead. ;)

It was a tiring day and we went straight home after the walkathon adventure. Tired but fulfilled. <3

Day 4.

Since it was Easter Sunday, we attended the Easter Sunday mass early morning, at Myeongdong Cathedral. Look at the cute giveaways below!!!


For this day, we scheduled a bus tour around the City. Some of it we have decided not to get off the bus and check out, because there are more places we want to visit and stay longer.

Our first stop was the US War Memorial. There we saw memorabilia from the Korean War. A lot of countries have participated including the Philippines. There were about more than 100 Filipinos that fought alongside Korea.


The place was also scenic and has a history museum inside. From the ancient residents of Korea to the more present ones.

After the US Memorial was Namsangol Hanok Village. Basically these are traditional Korean houses that are kept as tourist spots. Here, you can dress up with traditional Korean clothing, which I think is really cool and fun!

Dad, Alvin and Rainier was not down for a dress up sesh. Should’ve been a cool family photo! Sayang!

Next stop was N Seoul Tower. This is like the Burj Khalifa of Seoul, but shorter. We got to the observatory deck. It was so jampacked that we did not really stop by for too long.

View from the top. Hi Seoul!!

Downstairs, they also had this love lock thingies like those in Paris. Its’ actually pretty cool!


*Please see continuation on my next post. :)

Brain Farts

Oh hi, I have so much in my mind again right now. So I’ll just write about things in random order.

  • I have a post sitting in my drafts about our Korea trip. I might finish that this Sunday. Take note, “might”. Haha.
  • Work has been great! I just got promoted and since then, it has been a roller coaster ride. I have been taking notes of things I need to remember. I have to be stronger now. More than I have been before. Expectations are higher and eyes are on me right now. You can do it, self!
  • I have noticed that I have matured a lot from the last year. I have longer patience and deeper understanding on people. The beauty of being in hospitality.
  • Wow. So You and Me by Lifehouse just played on my Spotify Radio.
  • I have been having really weird dreams. Weird talaga.
  • I want to stop thinking. I really should. But God, why?
  • There’s someone at work that has been snappy lately. I am really trying my best to understand this person.
  • I have so much hope for my team. #StartingFresh
  • I have to be more focused now.
  • I need to balance life and work better now.
  • I love me-times. Just like now.
  • I have become anti-social. Maybe because of work? That after I step out of work grounds, I switch off the world around me. Sometimes I see someone in the mall that I know and I just pretend I did not see them. Coz I dont wanna talk. :)
  • One of my work bestie is getting married in 2 weeks. So excited for her!
  • Dennis will be working for a new company soon! Thank You God, for letting this happen!
  • I read old messages from random people at Facebook. And made me realize that so much could change in 6 years.
  • Current fave song: Be Alright and Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.
  • I have a new found love for Korean Cosmetics. Too bad they overprice it here in Manila.
  • What if’s. Could’ve been.
  • Bummed that most of my favorite TV Series are on break.
  • Bought new office supplies today. #ItWillNeverBeEnough
  • I cannot live without my daily planner. So many meetings, my mind cannot remember it all by its own. Haha.
  • I have cried 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Malapit na mabreak yung streak ko sa Makati Shang. HAHAHA.
  • Again, be tough.
  • You’re doing great, self. Keep it up! *pats back*

Floating in the Midst of Everything

Once again I am in that state in life where everything seems “normal”. Too normal that I feel like I am just floating, going with the flow wherever the universe wants to take me. I guess I have always been the type of person that seeks new challenges, new things to do, and new things to learn. I can’t have just a normal and steady day. Guess I am a drama queen after all.

Today I just had a talk with two of my supervisors over lunch. One of them said she could see so much potential in me, and that I should not just always go with the flow. She said that she believes in me and knows that one day, soon enough, my true potential would show.

Oftentimes though, I find myself asking, “Have I been working too much that I am forgetting how to live?”. Working in my line of industry is a big challenge. You have to give up your time with family, friends and sometimes, even for yourself. Which is probably why I feel empty sometimes. Sometimes lang naman.

Two nights ago I was invited by one of Dennis’ barkada to join them in his birthday celebration at a club in Timog. It was last minute and good thing I was clothed decently, and not wearing my usual “pambahay look” on my way to and from the office. Upon entering the club, booming music welcomed us, and the smell of smoke. It has been a long time since I got to visit a club. Since I am not that close with his guy friends, I had the chance to observe the people inside the club, and thought about the time I was the one standing (or dancing) on the dance floor. I felt so free for just a few hours, singing and dancing the night away to my favorite songs. Nakakamiss maging carefree. Disclaimer though, hindi ako party girl. I just kind of went out with my friends to party a few times lang.

I am still dreaming of getting that dream job where it would give me work-life balance. I love my current company, but sometimes, being a hotelier really isn’t that easy. Right now I am, kind of, lost with what I want to do next. Lately I always ask myself, “What’s my next step?”. I am little bit half-hearted in staying and wanting to go away. I want to be promoted, but I also want to work in the US.

Basta, it’s like one big blur.

Though I am not sad naman, I am happier than sad, actually. I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t understand myself.  I need more me-time I suppose…

I always write here with so much thoughts, and it’s not even the half of what goes through my head everyday.

Wow, suddenly this sounds so depressing. Haha! Sorry for that, I have to stop talking now.

See you, folks! :)

In Memory of Max

I never knew what it felt like loosing a pet, and you know he is never coming back.

I once lost my pet cat when I was in high school, after he ran away. I cried for about 2 days, but on the 3rd day, there he was, on our garage, back from wherever my tito brought him. (They tried to get rid of him by dropping him off somewhere he doesn’t know, but tadahh, he was back in three days, good boy, Kaytee!)

But yesterday, November 19, my puppy, Max, died of Parvo Virus. It was heartbreaking. Especially that he was the least likely one to get sick from the 3 puppies of Cupcake, since he was the chubbiest and often eats his siblings’ food.

I learned about his passing while I was at work. I excused myself to my supervisor and went at the back office, then I cried, as in hagulgol.

After work, I went to the vet’s clinic. He showed me Max. Nakaplastic na siya, and matigas na. I wanted to see his face one last time. Pero di ko kayang tignan ng matagal. I looked away and turned my back from where Max is, then I was crying again.

I was heartbroken and I can’t help but blame myself, for not getting them all the vaccines needed for them to be immune from all these diseases. For not making the time. Poor Max… it was not his fault…

Totoo nga yung sabi ng friend ko, yung lungkot na mawalan ka ng aso, eh daig pa yung lungkot kapag iniwan ka ng jowa mo. Sakit eh…

Last night I was up until 12MN, watching videos and browsing the net. I was fighting off the urge to think about Max. But I failed, one thought of him and I was in tears once again.

Right now, Princess is still battling with Parvo virus. Vet said her condition looks better than Max’s. Hopefully she would recover, I can’t imagine losing her as well.

As for Cooper, I feel like he is sensing our sadness, he doesn’t want to eat this morning and made us all worried, so I brought him to the vet again. But good news, they will just give him meds and he’s good to go.

Max, wherever you are right now, I hope you could forgive me, for all my shortcomings. We will never forget you, and how you brought joy to our home.

We love you, Maxie-poo. Have fun in doggie heaven.


Hi. I’m currently at this place in Bagbag. A small coffee place that’s quite familiar in this area. They serve good coffee and pastries. Pwede na pampalit sa Starbucks. Hehehe

I got Tiramisu and Caramel Macchiato. Yum!


• So I noticed I have been spending most of my time at work. I’m starting to feel fed up. Medyo nakakasawa nadin yung ginagawa ko. Araw araw nalang. Haha. Tho I still love my job nonetheless. It might just have something to do with the people I work with. I dunno. Basta there’s something wrong.

• Before, I never really wanted to be a Flight Attendant. Pero I just realized na the salary I will get there would help me save up and start my own business. Yung noon ko pa pinapangarap na matayo.

• Ang taba taba ko na. I just weighed myself this morning and I was shocked! :'( Naiiyak na talaga ko sa katabaan ko. I seriously need to lose weight. Di na to healthy.

• Treated Mom and the Sibs on a dinner at Senju last Aug 21 for Mom’s birthday. Kahit na “medyo” masakit sa bulsa yung bill… okay lang. Nakita ko namang masaya si Mommy at yung mga kapatid ko. #fulfilledAte

Family pic!
The star of the night! Crazy Maki! :)

• Sobrang blessing sakin yung AlDub kasi napapasaya talaga ko at nalilimutan ko ung worries ko. Escape lang talaga e. Saka ang gwapo ni Alden. Swerte ni Maine. Hahaha! Sobrang bait at God-fearing niya. Swerte din ni Alden kay Maine kasi simple lang siya saka masaya kasama.

Sumabog na yung kilig ko dito!! Hahaha

• I still cannot decide what to do for my birthday. Gusto ko mag out of town e. Kaso saan? Saka sino kasama ko? Haha. Gusto ko din mag-KTV party e. What do you think guys?

My new favorite brew.

• Work has been tough these past few days. We were short of 5 people in the team. Di pa napapalitan yung mga magresign. Syempre reliever ng bayan ang lola niyo. Not complaining tho. It has just been really exhausting.

My team with our Director of Rooms

• Paubos na yung tiramisu at coffee ko. Will definitely come back here.

May nakaupo sa labas sa likod ko. Baka makita na nagseselfie ako. Hahaha

Labo ng thoughts ko noh? Wala e. Disorganized ng buhay ko ngayon. Haha. 5pm pa pasok ko bukas. So dami ko free time. :P

Drive muna ko pauwi. Byeeee