Last (First) Kiss

THE 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE DAY 9: Your last kiss

Should I really be blogging about this?? Hahaha.

Oh well, since there’s no rules naman on the challenge, let me just tell you a different story in a form of a song cover. It’ll be about someone’s “Last first kiss”. It could be my story, or, it could be not. Haha. :) *wink*


Been recording a lot of cover songs lately. But only a few passed my standards, good enough to be uploaded online and be heard by millions of people in the world. Tseeee! May ganon?!  Hahaha.

I apologize for the somehow bedroom voice, I recorded this 11:45PM tonight. I’m tired from a long drive from Makati to Novaliches. Haha. Nahuli pa ko. Kamote.

Anyhoo, here it is, my cover of Fearless by Taylor Swift. Please be nice. :(

Click here! :)


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