South Korea Trip 2016 (Part 2)

Wow, this post is so long overdue. I still have my Japan blog to do, and I’ll try to finish it all this weekend.

Day 5.

For our 5th day, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace first. Locals and online reviews said that this is the most famous palace in Seoul. This is also where they shot most of the scenes in Jewel in the Palace and palace scenes from popular K Dramas.

It was really surreal as I only saw these places in TV. Not to mention that I really loved Jewel in the Palace and most of princess story K-Dramas like My Princess and Princess Hours.

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You could see girls there wearing Hanbok while taking pictures around the palace. Inggit is acoe. I should have rented that costume too! Huhu.

Anyway, the place was really big and was breathtaking. The palaces and rooms still stood up where they were exactly built and was reconstructed. It was like you were transported back in time.

We took a free English guided tour, and learned a lot about the history of the palace and of Korea in general. The tour guide was a sweet and patient Korean lady in traditional uniform as you can see in the photo below.

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We learned about who’s quarters should be nearer which royal family member. They also showed us how they heated the floors back then.

There was like a small hole at the side of each room where they put charcoals inside, this connects to sort of  vents inside the room.

The guide also showed us the royal kitchen where Jang Geum used to make meals and cook for the royals. We were too excited about this part! Haha.

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After a long walk inside the palace, our feet were so tired that we went to Namdaemnun Market, which is like the Divisoria of Korea and went on with walking AGAIN. Hahaha.

I did not get to take photos here as I enjoyed shopping too much. Haha.


Day 6.

Everland day!

Everland was like the Disneyland of Korea, and it is situated outside of Seoul. We had to take a 1 hour train ride to reach the area, and man, it was cold! Again, it was supposed to be Spring already, but it felt like winter! Hahaha.

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Family pic at the entrance of Everland! :)

There was a lot of fun rides here but I again, I was wearing the wrong outfit and I just want to go inside establishments as it was damn freezing! Hahaha. I was wearing shorts with tights inside (which is how some girls dress in Seoul, as I have observed). I told myself that my legs can take it, they are tough! But no… oh no… they froze like chicken legs. Hahaha

In the afternoon, there was also a parade just like in any other theme park. We sat ride beside the road and got to watch the parade up close.

There was also a big tree made out of flowers. This is part of their spring special. There was a garden full of wonderful and colorful flowers.

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It’s so big we can only take a picture of the bottom part. Haha

It was a perfect spot for a mini photoshoot so you can imagine how many shots we took from this place. ;)

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We spent a whole day in Everland trying to ride every single attraction. But because of the intensifying cold, we went home before dark.

Funny story though, at the train station, we kind of got lost as we cannot remember which line we took going to Everland. We spent about a good 30 minutes in the train station letting every train coming in pass by because we were not sure if that was the correct one. We did find it out though, and we got home a bit late.

Day 7. (Last full day!)

We didn’t want to tire ourselves much out on our last day so we saved a nearby trip for this day.

We went to Hongdae to go and have coffee at the Coffee Prince shop from the same named K-Drama from when I was still in highschool.

I was so excited as this was the place I wanted to visit ever since the drama exploded in the PH, about 6-7 years ago. Unfortunately……… the place was closed on that day, and I was so sad. I just had some pictures taken outside of the store though, which was not that bad.

After that, we went back to Myeongdong to spend the last of our Korean Wons and buy more pasalubong for friends and family back home.

I discovered this great BB cushion foundation from Missha which retails at 25.000 KRW. I loved this one so much that I asked a friend that also visited Korea a few months after to buy another one for me as I finished it all up so quickly.

I also got an Adidas Originals sneakers which was so cute and lightweight and retailed for about 3,000 Php.

While around Myeongdong, Julia and I tried more of the street food and they were all good! There was fried bananas, takoyaki, bread, fish cake (which is my favorite by the way).

By the end of the day we ate some more Samgyupsal, one last before we head home for Manila.


Overall, it was an unforgettable trip and I really cherish the time we spent together as a family. Since as I mentioned, we are not always together at home, this was a one of a kind bonding experience that all of us enjoyed.

We did travel again abroad after this. We went to Japan for 8 days, which will be featured on my next blog posts! I promise to finish it by this weekend. :)

I did not detail everything here as I do not like to follow a format for this blog post. I wanted it to feel like I was simply telling a story. :)

If you have questions though, do not hesitate to hit me up and ask away.

Thank you for reading my extremely long blog post and bearing with my one year delay. Hahaha!

See you at my next post!



South Korea Trip 2016 (Part 1)


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Gyeongbokgung Palace

It has been a great 8-Day trip. The best I have ever been to in my whole life!

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was my most anticipated trip for this year. And I am really glad we got to travel as a family, since we were most of the time never complete at home.

I will share with you all the places we went to, food we tried and all the great experiences as brief as I can. You know me, my mind thinks so fast, I don’t realize I have been typing so much. Haha.

Day 1.

Our flight was supposed to take off at 2:50PM, but Air Asia rescheduled it 2hours later. We touched down at Incheon Airport at about 10PM. When we left Manila, I was wearing this cute Banana Republic dress and boots. I have also brought my jacket with me as we were expecting a near 0 degrees at Incheon when we land. And boy oh boy, wrong day to not have decided to wear leggings. It was freezing cold!!! It was fun as well because we can see our breath fog up, and that never happens in here Manila (ofcourse). We went straight and hired a Jumbo Taxi to our AirBnb Accommodation. We met our host Charlie at the T-Mark Bus Stop and it was really nice of him to meet us at 12MN. After settling down, we went to sleep, tired from all the travelling. We want to be ready for our adventure the next day.

Day 2.

So we woke up late, and since we only have one bathroom, it took us quite a long time to get ready. We had lunch first at around 1PM at this really nice traditional Korean Restaurant, just one block away from the house. It was quite difficult to order (and basically ask your way around) because only a few people could understand English.

After our late lunch, we went straight to Myeongdong Cathedral to catch the Good Friday Mass scheduled at 3PM.

To our surprise, it was a Korean Mass! Luckily, mom brought her English Station of the Cross guide. And we got to follow the mass even when everyone was speaking in Korean.

After mass, we then explored the shopping heaven in Central Seoul, Myeongdong.

You can find the best korean cosmetics here, almost every corner has a Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Missha, Etude House and Banila Co. And they are sold there on cheaper prices than here in Manila. You can imagine that I went on a shopping spree. Hehe. :)

We then had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Tip for travelers though, they often try to sell you the highest priced in the menu. Do not fall for that! Haha. And if you want to catch the waiter’s attention, just say “jeogiyo” with conviction! ;)

Day 3.

Day 3 is Nami Island Day! Nami Island was the shooting location of Endless Love: Winter Sonata, which was a well known K-Drama in the Philippines about 8-10 years ago. Of course it did not disappoint, the place was very dreamy and scenic. Though the travel was kinda long. Watch out, lots of photos ahead. ;)

It was a tiring day and we went straight home after the walkathon adventure. Tired but fulfilled. <3

Day 4.

Since it was Easter Sunday, we attended the Easter Sunday mass early morning, at Myeongdong Cathedral. Look at the cute giveaways below!!!


For this day, we scheduled a bus tour around the City. Some of it we have decided not to get off the bus and check out, because there are more places we want to visit and stay longer.

Our first stop was the US War Memorial. There we saw memorabilia from the Korean War. A lot of countries have participated including the Philippines. There were about more than 100 Filipinos that fought alongside Korea.


The place was also scenic and has a history museum inside. From the ancient residents of Korea to the more present ones.

After the US Memorial was Namsangol Hanok Village. Basically these are traditional Korean houses that are kept as tourist spots. Here, you can dress up with traditional Korean clothing, which I think is really cool and fun!

Dad, Alvin and Rainier was not down for a dress up sesh. Should’ve been a cool family photo! Sayang!

Next stop was N Seoul Tower. This is like the Burj Khalifa of Seoul, but shorter. We got to the observatory deck. It was so jampacked that we did not really stop by for too long.

View from the top. Hi Seoul!!

Downstairs, they also had this love lock thingies like those in Paris. Its’ actually pretty cool!


*Please see continuation on my next post. :)