Getting Married

Before you think of anything else, let me begin by saying..

I am not yet getting married. Chill. Title lang yan. This is merely me, talking about “getting married” in general.

I am turning 24 in a few days, and I remember myself about 8 years ago, telling myself that I want to get married by 24. But now that the big 2-4 is coming, I can tell you straight up, that I am not yet ready for marriage.

(Take note, not yet.;)

For some, 24 is just the right age, or the youngest you could get married. I actually agree with that, that’s the reason why I though about that crazy idea 8 years ago.

I have friends that are already married by 24, and not because they got pregnant. Like, legitimately, got married because they are ready.

Dennis and I often get this question: “Di pa ba kayo magpapakasal?”, from friends, colleagues, even family. Just last night, one of his friends asked us this. I was surprised by the question that my eyes widened, and we didn’t even answer the question.

Don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t want to get married with Dennis, its just that I am not mentally, financially and emotionally ready.

Sometimes I find myself afraid. Afraid that I might never be ready. Or baka naman pag ready na ko, ayaw na niya, something like that. Haha. #paranoid

I don’t know when I will find myself ready. I actually want to have my own house first before I settle down. Yung, ready na lahat, magpapakasal ka nalang? Your mind, soul, body, emotion (and bank account!!!) should be ready.

I might be pushing myself too much, or maybe its because we don’t talk about it. It’s like a taboo topic in our relationship. Not because we don’t want to end up with each other, but actually, because of me. I try to avoid the topic as much as I could. Maybe something about my past that made me afraid to make plans together for our future.

But you know what, I think I am getting there. Maybe 24 is the age where you prepare yourself for marriage.


Who knows? :)

To my future husband: hopefully you already started saving up, to buy a house, to maybe build our own business. I hope you are preparing yourself too. ;)