Getting Married

Before you think of anything else, let me begin by saying..

I am not yet getting married. Chill. Title lang yan. This is merely me, talking about “getting married” in general.

I am turning 24 in a few days, and I remember myself about 8 years ago, telling myself that I want to get married by 24. But now that the big 2-4 is coming, I can tell you straight up, that I am not yet ready for marriage.

(Take note, not yet.;)

For some, 24 is just the right age, or the youngest you could get married. I actually agree with that, that’s the reason why I though about that crazy idea 8 years ago.

I have friends that are already married by 24, and not because they got pregnant. Like, legitimately, got married because they are ready.

Dennis and I often get this question: “Di pa ba kayo magpapakasal?”, from friends, colleagues, even family. Just last night, one of his friends asked us this. I was surprised by the question that my eyes widened, and we didn’t even answer the question.

Don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t want to get married with Dennis, its just that I am not mentally, financially and emotionally ready.

Sometimes I find myself afraid. Afraid that I might never be ready. Or baka naman pag ready na ko, ayaw na niya, something like that. Haha. #paranoid

I don’t know when I will find myself ready. I actually want to have my own house first before I settle down. Yung, ready na lahat, magpapakasal ka nalang? Your mind, soul, body, emotion (and bank account!!!) should be ready.

I might be pushing myself too much, or maybe its because we don’t talk about it. It’s like a taboo topic in our relationship. Not because we don’t want to end up with each other, but actually, because of me. I try to avoid the topic as much as I could. Maybe something about my past that made me afraid to make plans together for our future.

But you know what, I think I am getting there. Maybe 24 is the age where you prepare yourself for marriage.


Who knows? :)

To my future husband: hopefully you already started saving up, to buy a house, to maybe build our own business. I hope you are preparing yourself too. ;)


Relationship with Him

I attended mass last night at St. Francis Chapel in Shaw Boulevard. I find myself attending mass here more often just because my workplace is just across the street.

Whenever I attend mass alone, I reflect more. I tend to absorb all the things I hear at mass better.

Last night’s sermon made me feel so loved. I even had to take notes on my phone, like I do whenever I listen to talks at YFC!

He was discussing about the love of God, our relationship with Him, and if we’re doing something to nourish this relationship.

What happens when we commit to the Lord? How will you sustain this love, this relationship, your faith?

When the Lord said, ” I will be with You forever.” He meant He will be with us forever. There were countless times that I forget about Him, about His love, and about His mercy. But He never left, he stayed true to His word.

Father then asked, “Is there someone here that calls their father “Sir”? No one raised their hand. Of course no one does that! Why? Because our relationship with our fathers are an affectionate relationship, just like our relationship with God.

At the Holy Eucharist, during communion, we consume the body of Christ, and when we do this, we consume the Glory of God.

It was really refreshing and enlightening. It made me want to be even closer to the Lord than I already am. He never left me. Even though I often forget He is just beside me.

We shouldn’t take any relationship for granted. Especially those with our friends, family and with the Lord. Every relationship should be a two-way street. Remember those that never left and never will. :)

1 Year of Love, 2 Years of Friendship

We met Feb 18, 2012 and was officially together Feb 18, 2013… and the story goes on. <3

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun… and when you’re in love. My bebe and I just celebrated our first anniversary as a couple and it was the most romantic, ever.

I prepared something for him which I started preparing a month before our anniversary. I’ve put in a lot of effort into it and really want it to be something really memorable for him.

I prepared a box with a jar of 356 MnM’s for 635 days together, an “exploding” mini box of our pictures together from the past 12 months, a mini box of 52 reasons why I love him, for 52 weeks together, then 1 letter for 1 year standing strong. Later on you’ll see pictures of it.

As for him, he serenaded me the Sunday before, because his “partner-in-crimes” would have work by Tuesday (which is our anniversary day). It was really a surprise and I couldn’t do anything better and top that! :)



He sang right in front of my house with a cake and with a lot of our friends that he tagged along. I was almost going to cry if only Cupcake, my puppy, went outside and barked at them. Hahaha!

So here are the photos of our celebration… I apologize in advanced if this posts gets filled with photos. :P



We were supposed to celebrate our anniversary at Tagaytay, unfortunately, certain circumstances just won’t allow us to at that time, so we settled at Quezon City Circle. Why not? It’s near, no entrance fee, and there are a lot of activities you can do there too! :)

We had our late lunch at Max’s inside the park.



What I wore: Sheer top from Folded & Hung, high-waist shorts from Nine (Glorietta), bag from Follow Your Heart. :) I just wanted to wear something comfortable but not too simple. Something I can still move into and not worry too much how I’d look.


And this is my gift! Very highschool peg ba? :P


This is Dennis looking and reading thru the exploding box. <3


Here, he is going thru each paper with a reason why I love him. He answered everything with “Syempre naman!”, “Ikaw pa??”, “Syempre love kita eh!”, “Awwwww?”, with tears (of joy) in between. :”) 

1925108_4035249015436_2014192649_n 1743443_4035249095438_1287400787_nNow this one is my favorite part, and where I was touched the most, while he was reading my letter, he started really crying, he cried happy tears. You can see that his eyes are already puffy on the second photo. I never really expected this kind of reaction from him. I was really touched, and tear up a bit as well. If there wasn’t so many people around that area that time, I might have hugged him for the longest time ever. 


I also brought him this cute little piggy stuff toy, because it reminded me of him when I saw it hahaha!

1897810_4035336177615_942187322_n 1621949_4035337457647_1918780213_n

After our “gift-giving” or as I prefer “love-giving” moment, we went go-karting. Hahaha, we really wanted to drive one with two seats but they don’t have that so we just drove by each other and talked, or race against each other. Good thing we’re the only ones in the track!1779700_4035270695978_244343604_n

It was just really simple, but the happiest moment we shared. After all, it is our 1st anniversary together that we are celebrating, and what’s important is that we are together. Other couples don’t have the chance to be together at special occasions, because they live in different parts of the world, and that’s hard. But the Lord has blessed us to let us be together in normal days and special occasions, and  for that, I am thankful. :)


If I ever have to enumerate things that make me love him more everyday, a day would’ve passed by and I’m not finished yet. He has certainly been the best brother, bestfriend and boyfriend to me. I am just so blessed.



Last Night

Last night was one of my favorite dates with Dennis. It was simple yet meaningful.

After work, we ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak at SM Megamall, his treat. It was his promise to treat me here since 2 weeks ago, and it was so sweet of him to not forget this. :)

IMG_8354  IMG_8349  IMG_8342

It was both our first time to eat here so we kind of just trust it all to faith in choosing what to order.

I ordered myself their best seller (to be safe), Beef Pepper Rice.


If you may have noticed, the beef is raw. We were asked to flip the beef so that it will be cooked evenly. Thumbs up for customer participation (in cooking)! The rice has corn kernels and chopped onion stalks on top, and it was served with a special sauce.

Dennis then ordered Gyuniku Beef Pepper Rice.


It was the same cut of beef, but his has a different marinade (I think), has Japanese Mayonnaise and egg on top of his rice. 

Since I don’t like eating eggs (no malice here please hahaha), I thought I won’t like Dennis’s dish. But after trying it, I actually liked it better than mine.

Also, by letting you flip the meat, you have the option to cook it the way you like it. You can either keep it a little bit raw or let it simmer for a while to make it a little more well done.

Prices? Not too bad. It was from 230 – 245PHP (for our dishes) and has single-serve iced tea included. You have an option as well to order ala carte (without the iced tea) that would slash out 10-15PHP on the price.

We’d definitely come back. The food is worth the money. I’d love to try their other dishes the next time. ;)


After eating, we drove back to Novaliches to go home. Since it’s a holiday, (special non-working holiday for the elections), very light traffic gave us have a lot more time left to chill. We stopped at a Milktea shop along Katipunan St. at Goodwill Homes, Ai Cha Pearl Milk Tea.

It was Dennis’s first time to try his own milktea, so we ordered a safe fix for him. We got Chocolate Milk Tea for him and Wintermelon Milk Tea for me (I also wanted him to try this.)


Price ranges from 60 – 90 PHP. (Including the add-ons, which are priced separately)

We were the only customer on the shop so it’s a little bit quiet in there. They don’t have music to beat up the silence but they have Free WiFi. (Yey!)


We spent our time telling stories about our lives, and I was really touched by his story. I’ve known for quite some time now that his family is going through something but I don’t think I am on the right place to dig deep through the issue. I wanted him to open it up with me only if he wants (and is confident) to, which he did, last night. I was just listening the entire time and patted his back after he started shedding tears. It was nice to see the softer side of Dennis. I felt special and honored for him to entrust his problems at, and I honor him for not being shy and crying even in front me (real man right here!).

Speaking of real men, I forced Dennis to make a Gwiyomi video. Hahahahaha! I downloaded a Gwiyomi app at the Apple App Store which would record the video and embed the song after recording.  Here are some screen shots:

                                                                     IMG_8360    IMG_8361

I haven’t uploaded the video yet (is it okay to, Babe? hahaha) but once I do, I’ll post it here. Hahaha.

Last night was memorable. We bonded like we’re bestfriends for years, which really makes me happy. I look forward to more dates like these!

P.S. 3rd month anniversary is approaching fast! Yey! :)

One of the “Firsts”

April 25, 2013, 2:41PM Manila time. 

I’m at work, and still on the middle of something. I just remembered this one thing that I would never ever want to forget… It was the first time Dennis held my hand. Haha, I really find this cute.

I think it was March, 11, 2012? Not sure if that’s the exact date though, but it was the Metro Manila Pep Rally for ILC Aklan.

Mass is ongoing. He’s sitting beside me and Roxanne. Of course, at some point in the mass, we will sing the “Our Father” and everyone will hold hands. About a minute or two before that, after he knew that “that” will be the next song everyone will sing, he slightly turned his back on me, opened his bag, fetched his little cologne bottle up, and sprayed some on his hands.

I thought he’ll eventually spray some on his shirt, but he didn’t. He just sprayed the cologne on his hands, and rubbed them together. Ako naman, nawala naman sa isip ko na “Our Father” na pala yung susunod. Then when the officiating priest announced that we’ll sing the prayer that Jesus Christ taught us, and everyone (including us) held hands, it struck me, “Aaah, kaya pala nagpabango sa kamay! Hahaha.” I looked at him, but his eyes are closed, while solemnly singing the song. Napailing ako. Hahaha, I was smiling the whole time. :) Then after everyone sang, he squeezed my hand gently before finally letting go of it.

Until now, he doesn’t know that I noticed what he did. Haha. Ang cute cute mo, Dennis! Hahaha.

It’s really the little gestures, the little gestures, that are unforgettable. <3

  • B. (

B. <3

Hi! So I think I haven’t shared that much yet about Dennis here in my blog. For today, I’d share some facts about us.

First, let me show you a photo of him. :)

Okay, so on with how we met…

It was last year, Feb 18, 2012. I remember the exact date, because it was an event on our community. It was a Valentine Party. I am part of the band, and he was attending the program. He caught my eye because he looked a LOT like that guy I work with during my OJT. Haha, I was really thinking that it was him! I asked one of my bandmates, Jobelle, which I saw talking to him earlier, what his name is, when she said it was “Dennis“, I said, “Ah, hindi pala siya yun. He really looks like that guy I have a crush with! Haha! Crush ko na siya! :D” I seriously don’t remember if I am serious when I said that. :P Hahahaha.

So there, after the party, I forgot about him COMPLETELY. I was occupied with work left to do at school and completing requirements for graduation.

After about two weeks, a notification popped on my Facebook account. I was tagged on a photo comment by someone, I checked the photo then. There was a conversation before my name was tagged.

So kilig kiligan naman ako nung nabasa ko ‘to diba! Hahaha.

Actually, when I first read it, I didn’t recognize who the guy was. I was like, “Sino ‘tooooo????” Hahaha. But when I saw his display name, “Denz”, I remembered what Jobelle told me what that-guy-that-looked-like-my-crush-at-work‘s name is, I was thinking, “Denz? Is that for Dennis? The guy I saw that looked like AJ? O… M… G… !!!!” Then I browsed through his account and photos to make sure it was him that I saw at the party… at yun na nga, POSITIVE!!! Hahaha. And that explains my comment up there ^^^. Hahahaha. Landi lang. :P

So there, he asked for my number and he called me right away after he got my number. My first impression of him was “presko”, or over confident. Haha, a lot of stories were shared on that first call. He was actually nice to talk with. Cool thing was after a couple of days, we met up. He picked me up at school. I took him on a short tour of my alma mater, we ate dinner at the mall, and talked the night away. It was a really cool “first date”. ;)

Little did I know that Jobelle told him I have a crush on him! Gaaaahhh, talk about keeping secrets. Haha. (But I thanked her later on. Hihi. :”>)

During that time, I was actually just dating around, at hindi na lumalagpas sa third date. After the third date, bye bye na. Either the guy stops texting/seeing me, or I just simply lost interest over that guy. So I was thinking, unless there would be a fourth date, I wouldn’t consider this thing, between me and Dennis, would go somewhere.

Well, what’dya say? I think as of this date, we are on our 100th date, maybe? :) Hihi! :”> But going back!

So yep, we went on a lot of dates, went on a lot of adventure together. We see each other almost everyday. It was a bliss. We are happy together.


All our friends were asking, “Ano na meron sa inyo?”. I honestly don’t know what to tell them. All we know is that we’re happy. He showed up one day in front of our house, and introduced himself to my Mom by himself. Geez! Good thing it turned out good!

Then came my graduation day. A day after “ze big day”, we’d go to Dubai for vacation, for a month. Both of us were kinda sad, no adventure with each other for a month. :(

But it turned out pretty well. We talk a lot online (thanks to Facebook and Skype! Mwah!), and stories never stopped. It almost felt like we’re not on different parts of the world. It was still fun!

My Dad then noticed him always posting on mine and my brother’s wall, to “take care of me FOR HIM”. Dad messaged him through Facebook. He then asked my Dad for permission to court me. They talked, and it turned out well. Seriously honey, your charm works well at my parents, huh? :P

At Morayta, Manila.
At Morayta, Manila.
At Ayala, Makati.
At Ayala, Makati.
At Roxanne's debut.
At Roxanne’s debut.
Roxanne's Debut
Roxanne’s Debut
Mom's 50th birthday. :)
Mom’s 50th birthday. :)

I seriously didn’t make it easy for him. I acted all pa-“hard-to-get“! Some times, I was a bitch, crazy and a brat, but he never got tired, he was so determined and serious about me. I felt really special.

Bonifacio High Street, BGC
Bonifacio High Street, BGC
Enchanted Kingdom! :D
Enchanted Kingdom! :D
Pizza Hut, MOA
Pizza Hut, MOA
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens
EcoPark. <3
EcoPark. <3

After a year, on exactly the same date we first met, February 18, of 2013, while we’re at Quiapo Church, I said “YES”. His reaction was really unexpected, but heart-warming… he cried. It was tears of joy. After all those time, we are now, officially, a COUPLE.

Now, we’re on our 2nd month. And I know our love grows day by day. He was such a precious gift given by God. He’s always there to listen at my rants, crazy stories, sudden singing bursts. He’s my constant date, my best friend,  my food buddy, and everything. :) I consider myself lucky to be with this guy. Never a day went by that he assured me of his love. I wish he knows how happy I am to be with him.

Polaroid shots. <3
Polaroid shots. <3
We feel so carefree around each other. ;)
We feel so carefree around each other. ;)
Constant sweet gestures. <3
Constant sweet gestures. <3
Oh, you cute thing. :">
Oh, you cute thing. :”>
Being our crazy selves! :D
Being our crazy selves! :D

Being with the right person would definitely feel right. You’d be happy even though there are misunderstandings, you’d know that love is always there. Once you find that one, never let go. Make God the center of your relationship, and everything would definitely fall into their right places. :)

And to you, Babe, thank you, for the love, understanding and trust. You’re the best! I love you! <3

The First Few Days

As to some may know, me and Dennis were officially together since last month, we just hit our first month anniversary a couple of days ago. Now let me tell you a funny (kinda) story. :)

On our first week of being an official couple, he said, “Anong date na ngayon? Ay, nakaka-4 days na tayo!”. Which made me think he likes to count days/months off. So on our 2nd week, I said, “2 weeks na tayo!”, on which he replied, “Wag mo na masyado bilangin.“. Which I thought was fine. It’s just that, maybe we’re just all giddy and was always counting because it was our first time to have days/months celebrations after a long time, as we’ve both been single for a couple of years. So parang excited pa nga. :)

So our first month anniversary came, and I promised myself not to greet him unless he greets me first, besides I was under the impression that he doesn’t want to celebrate monthsaries. And I also think that it’s too childish. I mean, why celebrate months if you could be together for years, right?

So there it was. When I read his good morning text message, there’s no greeting. Even during his lunchtime text. (We’re both working this day.) By 2PM he’s already done with his shift. And it was just my lunchtime. I decided to eat outside of the office since I haven’t packed any lunch. I was also kinda hoping that he’d drop by my office. So I was there, alone, eating my lunch, thinking I’m celebrating our first month by myself. Sad, right? :(

But then he texted me, while I was a quarter through with my lunch break, “Gusto mo pumunta ako diyan?“, I replied, “Ikaw bahala, ikaw naman pupunta eh.

Pumunta naman siya.

We hung out on the 4th floor of our office building which has  a mini garden on it. I was waiting for some greeting from him. But he never did. 5 minutes before my lunch break was through, I told him I have to go na. He walked me to our building’s elevator and said goodbye. I was like, “Okay, no celebrations then! “. The day went on, and no greeting from any of us. I was so exhausted as this was also my first day on my new department, so I fell asleep a few minutes after going home.

After 2 hours, my sleep was distracted, and I think it was his texts that made me wake up. Saw 5 texts and 3 missed calls. One of the text messages said, “Tinulugan mo na ko. :(“ Yes, with a sad face. Haha. Which made me smile because, lately, he just lets me sleep once I’m not responding to his text messages or answering his calls, so it made me feel he really wanted to talk to me. Hihi. :”>

So I called him! I said sorry, and I was just really tired I’ve fallen asleep. He said it was okay. Then later on he said, “Anong date ba ngayon?“, I said, “Uhm, 18?“, “Ohh, one month na pala tayo!”, “Ay,  oo nga noh?” Patay malisya naman ako. Hahaha. And then he asked me if I don’t want to celebrate monthsaries, and do I prefer to count it by days.

Actually… I’d prefer counting it in YEARS. :)

So there, we greeted each other and agreed we both want to celebrate it monthly even in the most simplest way. So what’s funny is that we’re waiting for each other’s greeting pala! Anubayan. Hahaha.

Being with Dennis really makes me see life much more positively, he gives me such positive vibes from his smile up to his crazy antics. He’s always there with me thru everything. He even helps me in decisions about my career, where at times, with me being impulsive, I tend to take the wrong direction, but he’s always there, beside me. <3

I’m not being cheesy, I just really appreciate this guy so much. And so I thank the Lord for sending him my way. :”>