25th Birthday Wishlist

Wow. I am turning 25 this year. Effin quarter life, yo.

Speaking of my birthday, I am going to list down things here that I want to have/ happen on my birthday, wishing that someone reads this and surprises me. Hahahaha. (That’s sad. XD)

  1. Funko Pop – I recently bought 2 bookshelves, where I plan to place my books on one and the other shelf for funko pops as I really plan to start collecting this year. And I told Dennis to get me these for my birthday! Hahaha! Hi babe!! :)))
  2. Adidas NMD – Well, I do not expect anyone to give me this, I just want this one. Hahahaha. I mean, it’s super stylish and the colors are super nice. I currently have 2 Adidas Originals sneaks and they are both black and white, so I want a new one with a pop of color.Adidas NMD
  3. A small birthday party in a bar, with a live band playing. And I want my friends to be the one playing (calling Atrium bandmates, where you guys at?!). I just realized that I should have started planning this a year ago, so I might just throw this kind of party next year.
  4. Solo trip – As I mentioned in my Life Updates post, I was planning a solo out of the country trip, however something came up and I am not sure if I could still push through. I still wish I could though! I was originally planning on flying to Taiwan, and I still want to, it’s just that, if it’s not possible then a domestic solo trip would be just fine too.
  5. Time to reflect on my 25 years of existence. Where I was and where I am now. Where I want to be in the future. What goals I want to achieve. What new things I need to do/ discover. Basically, I want to be in tune with life. Be where I am supposed to be and be happy.

Wow, can’t believe that was it. My brain might just be blanking out right now, as I used to write so much on my wishlists! Haha.

Anyway, if I think of new things I will just update this post, I should probs sleep now, it’s almost 2AM. :D