Test of Will and Patience

Sometimes work really tests us to the core. How flexible you are, how patient you are, and how much you want to stay.

Do some of you guys often find yourself asking why? Or is it worth the pain and suffering?

I do. Multiple times.


Life Updates and Whatnots

Hello, hello!

Oh how I missed writing.

I am currently deep into my superhero shows obsession that I throw my blog and books in the side to watch movies, read articles, find the best comic books, and what ever to feed my obsession. Haha!

It is kinda hard at work lately as we are on a tight manning and recently changed management in our department, so you can imagine a ton of changes and adjustments going on. But I am actually surprised that I am more pumped and inspired to work lately. What is wrong with me? ;D

Anyway, I just want to list down random things here to update my very minimal blog followers. (Hi! My blog still exists! Hehe.)

  • I just got a vacuum cleaner for my condo and I have been wondering why I haven’t bought one for the last 4 years that I was living there. IT WAS MAGIC. <3
  • I am currently training for a managerial position at work. Just to be ready if ever a position becomes vacant. I was actually not really looking into getting this position as my colleagues and superiors know that I am really leaning more into training. But since an opportunity is up, I guessed I would just go with it, right?
  • I was planning an overseas solo trip for my birthday which looks like its scrapped now because of some unforeseen circumstances. I would still try to push for it, though! Never say never!
  • My mom’s 55th birthday is coming up and I am planning on maybe booking a staycation for the whole fam.
  • I want a week long vacation, wherein I would just stay at home for 2 days and then spend one whole day at a nice cozy coffee shop and do my errands. Cook lunch for the fam. Swim everyday. Read comics and books. And basically, just relax. I haven’t had a proper rest since January.
  • I know I always say this, but I really want to have the time to always write here. I am miserably failing with my 2017 NY Resolutions. *facepalm*
  • We have an upcoming trip to Cebu with my work friends and I am so excited!! This is our first trip together out of the main island that we are complete. #baksislife
  • By the way, what do you guys think about the new Spiderman movie? Because, I LOVED IT! The story was light, in contrast with Civil War where we first saw Tom Holland as Spidey. But IMO, we need that. ‘Cause all the movies are already heavy and we need one movie to balance things out. And besides, Tom was great as Peter and Spiderman! I loved Tobey and Andrew but that “young” feeling that you get from the comics was better portrayed by Tom.
  • Justice League is also coming out this year, and I recently saw a panel of the JL cast in the recent SDCC. It was a big turn off when Ezra Miller slightly threw shade over at Marvel, saying “Are there other comic houses? (other than DC)”. I seriously think they are not in the position to be talking trash as Marvel is the biggest in the Cinematic Universe business now. Get your shit together, Miller. (I still love you, though :))

I still have so much to talk about, but I will just post another entry with a more organized content.

Thanks for reading! :*


Work has been tough lately. Its not getting better. 

Even though you work your ass 12 hours a day (even if its supposed to be just 8 hours), they still manage to just notice the wrong details. Out of the hundred you have done right they just point out the wrong. 

Being in a situation like this makes you tired, lose energy and motivation. 

I always have a constant want of leaving work early and have a life. But it’s just not allowing me too, these days. 

I’m tired. 

And the first thing you see in the morning is an email asking answers for questions that are just so irrelevant. 

Seriously, you should start looking at the bigger picture here, dude. 

And we wonder why people leave, huh?


Getting Married

Before you think of anything else, let me begin by saying..

I am not yet getting married. Chill.¬†Title lang yan.¬†This is merely me, talking about “getting married” in general.

I am turning 24 in a few days, and I remember myself about 8 years ago, telling myself that I want to get married by 24. But now that the big 2-4 is coming, I can tell you straight up, that I am not yet ready for marriage.

(Take note, not yet.) ;)

For some, 24 is just the right age, or the youngest you could get married. I actually agree with that, that’s the reason why I though about that crazy idea 8 years ago.

I have friends that are already married by 24, and not because they got pregnant. Like, legitimately, got married because they are ready.

Dennis and I often get¬†this question:¬†“Di pa ba kayo magpapakasal?”, from friends, colleagues, even family. Just last night, one of his friends asked us this. I was surprised by the question that my eyes widened, and we didn’t even answer the question.

Don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t want to get married with Dennis, its just that I am not mentally, financially and emotionally ready.

Sometimes I find myself afraid. Afraid that I might never be ready. Or baka naman pag ready na ko, ayaw na niya, something like that. Haha. #paranoid

I don’t know when I will find myself ready. I actually want to have my own house first before I settle down.¬†Yung, ready na lahat, magpapakasal ka nalang? Your mind, soul, body, emotion (and bank account!!!) should be ready.

I might be¬†pushing myself too much, or maybe its because we don’t talk about it. It’s like a taboo topic in our relationship. Not because we don’t want to end up with each other, but actually, because of me. I try to avoid the topic as much as I could. Maybe something about my past that made me afraid to make plans together for our future.

But you know what, I think I am getting there. Maybe 24 is the age where you prepare yourself for marriage.


Who knows? :)

To my future husband: hopefully you already started saving up, to buy a house, to maybe build our own business. I hope you are preparing yourself too. ;)

Random Stories

Yesterday, Dennis and I were texting. We were both in the middle of work, and he was telling me all about how he is nervous on his current post, that he is so afraid of making mistakes.¬†I noticed that what’s going on, is that he is putting too much pressure on himself that was not just going to help him in the long run.

I suddenly realized that my usual “pabebe” mood should not be in place right now while he is in the process of adjusting to his new work. This would not help him, and that, whenever we are together, it should all just be happy times.

So I asked him for a dinner date! I told him I just realized that it has been a long time since we went out on a date with just the two of us together. The past 4-5 movies we watched were with family and friends, and most of our lunch/dinners out are with our friends. We still eat out together but it’s usually just along the way home. Like fast food, and stuff.

We actually don’t mind going out with any of our friends. We enjoy it, to be honest. My friends became his friends too, and I think that’s cute. We also enjoy going on double/ triple dates with our couple friends. (I can’t help but remember that episode in How I Met Your Mother, where Lily and Marshall were on the hunt of finding a new couple to hang out with. Haha.)

So anyway, after work, we decided to go to Trinoma and eat at our favorite burger joint, 8Cuts. To our surprise, it was closed for a company event. :( And I was really looking forward for the chocolate milkshake. We ended up at Gerry’s Grill, and had our favorites, Sisig and Kare-Kare.

It was such a nice evening, we just talked like we usually do, but I actually felt it was special. Since we didn’t really get to do this for a long time.

I had been so busy at work, and he is always waiting for me, for I usually extend work hours. That by the time I clock out, all time we have left is just to go home. No time left to hang out.

I have said it before, I admire his patience. I don’t have the same patience he has. Some girls wish to have a guy that would wait for them without complaining, and I am so blessed that I have someone like that.

We have been together for 4 years (including the dating period), yet he still amazes me every day. He has been nothing but a blessing to me.

Babe, if you are reading this, please know that I appreciate all your efforts, the things you do for me. :) You are awesome and a precious gift from God. I love you so much! ‚ô•



Be patient.

Be patient for people that only point your mistakes because they genuinely want you to improve and do better.

Be patient for people that appear quite pushy, because they know you could do better.

Be patient. Be patient and understand people. We all need that.

Stuff I Need to Remember as a 22-Year-Old Woman

I know 22 is not yet “old”, but I consider this time in my life as a turning point.

I recently got my regularization in my current company and since then, I have realized that I need to change some things in my life right now.

I am listing it all down here so that this will be some kind of a reminder for myself. And if you see me breaking my resolutions, please do not hesitate to call my attention. Haha!

Let’s start…

1. Budget – Follow your budget plan!!! You don’t do it just to tell yourself that you manage your finances well, but to really manage your money well! Keep a separate bank account for your savings. Also, save for your travels, please, and do not get it from your “savings”. It shouldn’t be called “savings” if you’re going to spend it anyway. Remember, the purpose of your savings is to help you in ememergency situations and to save up for your future.

2. Punctuality – Stop alwaysssss being on Filipino Time! Remember that people have their own schedules as well. Value the time they have spent for you. And also, this will save you hundreds/thousands of deductions from your paycheck.

3. Fitness – You got a membership at the gym to actually be on the gym! Please stop making excuses. A healthy body is a must to be able to live longer, work harder and party harder!

4. Cleanliness – Always clean your place. This would also prevent mom from screaming and throwing a fit whenever she drops by. Hehe

5. Hygiene – Always put this on your mind: “Never sleep with makeup on. EVER.” Others probably now that by now. I know you’ve known that for a long time! Remember? You’re working in the hotel industry, for goodness sake! A pimply face doesn’t look presentable to anyone! You should also put getting a facial at least twice a month on your budget.

6. Travel – As I said, save up for travel. This makes you relaxed and more motivated to work. I know it has been your lifelong dream to see the world.

7. Think before speaking up – I know sometimes it’s hard for you to keep your thoughts to yourself. But always, always, always remember to take a quick pause, think of how to answer first and then speak up. Not everyone thinks the same way as you do. People have their own take on certain situations. Remember that you can be misunderstood all the time. Be on the safe side and think first before opening your mouth to speak.

8. Know your priorities – You are at work to do your job, not anyone else’s. It’s okay to do favors from others, but help them after you’ve done your work. Know what to prioritize in your list of things to do. It’s ok to leave something undone if it’s not yet needed.

9. Go home on time – I know you love your job and all, but a nice work and life balance is essential to keep you going. Spend more time with family. Go home for the weekend even if you have work on weekends. Key is, ALWAYS KEEP EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE IN BALANCE. Don’t focus on one thing too much. Give them your equal attention.

10. Eat healthier – It’s okay to have junkfood every now and then, but not everyday! Always make sure you had enough fruits and vegetables to make sure your body hass all the nutrients it needs to function well. And please, take your vitamins.