Random Stories

Yesterday, Dennis and I were texting. We were both in the middle of work, and he was telling me all about how he is nervous on his current post, that he is so afraid of making mistakes. I noticed that what’s going on, is that he is putting too much pressure on himself that was not just going to help him in the long run.

I suddenly realized that my usual “pabebe” mood should not be in place right now while he is in the process of adjusting to his new work. This would not help him, and that, whenever we are together, it should all just be happy times.

So I asked him for a dinner date! I told him I just realized that it has been a long time since we went out on a date with just the two of us together. The past 4-5 movies we watched were with family and friends, and most of our lunch/dinners out are with our friends. We still eat out together but it’s usually just along the way home. Like fast food, and stuff.

We actually don’t mind going out with any of our friends. We enjoy it, to be honest. My friends became his friends too, and I think that’s cute. We also enjoy going on double/ triple dates with our couple friends. (I can’t help but remember that episode in How I Met Your Mother, where Lily and Marshall were on the hunt of finding a new couple to hang out with. Haha.)

So anyway, after work, we decided to go to Trinoma and eat at our favorite burger joint, 8Cuts. To our surprise, it was closed for a company event. :( And I was really looking forward for the chocolate milkshake. We ended up at Gerry’s Grill, and had our favorites, Sisig and Kare-Kare.

It was such a nice evening, we just talked like we usually do, but I actually felt it was special. Since we didn’t really get to do this for a long time.

I had been so busy at work, and he is always waiting for me, for I usually extend work hours. That by the time I clock out, all time we have left is just to go home. No time left to hang out.

I have said it before, I admire his patience. I don’t have the same patience he has. Some girls wish to have a guy that would wait for them without complaining, and I am so blessed that I have someone like that.

We have been together for 4 years (including the dating period), yet he still amazes me every day. He has been nothing but a blessing to me.

Babe, if you are reading this, please know that I appreciate all your efforts, the things you do for me. :) You are awesome and a precious gift from God. I love you so much! ♥



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