Brain Farts

Oh hi, I have so much in my mind again right now. So I’ll just write about things in random order.

  • I have a post sitting in my drafts about our Korea trip. I might finish that this Sunday. Take note, “might”. Haha.
  • Work has been great! I just got promoted and since then, it has been a roller coaster ride. I have been taking notes of things I need to remember. I have to be stronger now. More than I have been before. Expectations are higher and eyes are on me right now. You can do it, self!
  • I have noticed that I have matured a lot from the last year. I have longer patience and deeper understanding on people. The beauty of being in hospitality.
  • Wow. So You and Me by Lifehouse just played on my Spotify Radio.
  • I have been having really weird dreams. Weird talaga.
  • I want to stop thinking. I really should. But God, why?
  • There’s someone at work that has been snappy lately. I am really trying my best to understand this person.
  • I have so much hope for my team. #StartingFresh
  • I have to be more focused now.
  • I need to balance life and work better now.
  • I love me-times. Just like now.
  • I have become anti-social. Maybe because of work? That after I step out of work grounds, I switch off the world around me. Sometimes I see someone in the mall that I know and I just pretend I did not see them. Coz I dont wanna talk. :)
  • One of my work bestie is getting married in 2 weeks. So excited for her!
  • Dennis will be working for a new company soon! Thank You God, for letting this happen!
  • I read old messages from random people at Facebook. And made me realize that so much could change in 6 years.
  • Current fave song: Be Alright and Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.
  • I have a new found love for Korean Cosmetics. Too bad they overprice it here in Manila.
  • What if’s. Could’ve been.
  • Bummed that most of my favorite TV Series are on break.
  • Bought new office supplies today. #ItWillNeverBeEnough
  • I cannot live without my daily planner. So many meetings, my mind cannot remember it all by its own. Haha.
  • I have cried 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Malapit na mabreak yung streak ko sa Makati Shang. HAHAHA.
  • Again, be tough.
  • You’re doing great, self. Keep it up! *pats back*

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