What I Have Been Up To

Hola everyone. I am a really bad blogger, I know.

When I put up this blog, I said to myself that I should atleast make an entry once a week, but lo and behold, I did 1 every 3 months. Haha. The number one sin of blogging… unofficially, of course. ;)

I won’t promise to do that target, but I will promise to keep this updated as much as I could. To write about things that’s in my mind, things that might be of interest, too, for other people.

No you might be asking me the title of this post, well, to answer that question, it is work… and a lot of series binge-watching, which I want to talk about.

Barry Allen / The Flash
Barry Allen / The Flash

I have recently been watching Arrow and The Flash, and my oh my these guys are adorable! Grant Gustin is perfect to be cast as Barry Allen. It is indeed a huge leap from his Glee role, Sebastian, but I still loved him as much. My favorite scene is when he sang with Caitlyn at the karaoke bar. I never heard him sing like that in Glee. WHAT A LOVELY VOICE!!! ♥


Anyhoo, The Flash is more of the good son, family oriented series, even though his mother died in the beginning and his father was sent to prison for her murder. The catch, however is that the real killer, Barry, and all the viewers know, is not his father. Who it was, will be revealed through out the course of Season 1. The story of how The Flash was born, and where he got his powers, will amaze the crap out of you.

Oliver Queen / The Arrow

Now, Stephen Amell, hmm. My heart broke when I learned he is already married. HAHA. He seems like a funny and sweet guy IRL. I love his character Oliver Queen in Arrow and all those workout scenes *wink*. Hahaha, srsly why do they have to always include a workout scene in every single episode? Hahaha, though I am not complaining. ;)


This show has been showing longer than The Flash, and I am still just on Season 2, but almost done though. They had just recently came back for their midseason premier, and what’s exciting is that The Flash and The Arrow have the stories happening simultaneously.

The Walking Dead will be back by next month and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. by March. One of my friends said that he noticed I am usually interested in series that are in the action/ suspense side. Thing is I am more drawn to the story with all the excitement that the shows gives. And I get that mostly from Sci-Fi shows. Some shows that I used to watch died my interest because it was not giving me adrenaline like what the characters of these shows are feeling. I’d still love to finish Suits though. My colleagues won’t stop pushing me to catch up with the series. Haha.


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