In Memory of Max

I never knew what it felt like loosing a pet, and you know he is never coming back.

I once lost my pet cat when I was in high school, after he ran away. I cried for about 2 days, but on the 3rd day, there he was, on our garage, back from wherever my tito brought him. (They tried to get rid of him by dropping him off somewhere he doesn’t know, but tadahh, he was back in three days, good boy, Kaytee!)

But yesterday, November 19, my puppy, Max, died of Parvo Virus. It was heartbreaking. Especially that he was the least likely one to get sick from the 3 puppies of Cupcake, since he was the chubbiest and often eats his siblings’ food.

I learned about his passing while I was at work. I excused myself to my supervisor and went at the back office, then I cried, as in hagulgol.

After work, I went to the vet’s clinic. He showed me Max. Nakaplastic na siya, and matigas na. I wanted to see his face one last time. Pero di ko kayang tignan ng matagal. I looked away and turned my back from where Max is, then I was crying again.

I was heartbroken and I can’t help but blame myself, for not getting them all the vaccines needed for them to be immune from all these diseases. For not making the time. Poor Max… it was not his fault…

Totoo nga yung sabi ng friend ko, yung lungkot na mawalan ka ng aso, eh daig pa yung lungkot kapag iniwan ka ng jowa mo. Sakit eh…

Last night I was up until 12MN, watching videos and browsing the net. I was fighting off the urge to think about Max. But I failed, one thought of him and I was in tears once again.

Right now, Princess is still battling with Parvo virus. Vet said her condition looks better than Max’s. Hopefully she would recover, I can’t imagine losing her as well.

As for Cooper, I feel like he is sensing our sadness, he doesn’t want to eat this morning and made us all worried, so I brought him to the vet again. But good news, they will just give him meds and he’s good to go.

Max, wherever you are right now, I hope you could forgive me, for all my shortcomings. We will never forget you, and how you brought joy to our home.

We love you, Maxie-poo. Have fun in doggie heaven.


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