Sometimes we say things that we don’t mean. Things that we say in the spur of the moment. What’s unfortunate is that these words are those words that you can never take back. Because at the moment you let go of these words from your mouth, it already hit (and hurt) that other person’s feelings.

It is also unfortunate that other people only see the side they don’t like. And don’t see the good that person has done for you. We become too childish and forget that other people need us in their life too, as much as we need them in ours.

I’m trying my best to keep this post general and vague, but just to share, I had a recent experience just like this, and sadly, with one of the people that has a significant place in my heart.

We often say that we don’t need others, but trust me, we do. No man is an island after all.

I always say this to myself over and over again: Think first before saying something.

And now I am saying this to myself once again. Hopefully others would realize this as well.


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