Stuff I Need to Remember as a 22-Year-Old Woman

I know 22 is not yet “old”, but I consider this time in my life as a turning point.

I recently got my regularization in my current company and since then, I have realized that I need to change some things in my life right now.

I am listing it all down here so that this will be some kind of a reminder for myself. And if you see me breaking my resolutions, please do not hesitate to call my attention. Haha!

Let’s start…

1. Budget – Follow your budget plan!!! You don’t do it just to tell yourself that you manage your finances well, but to really manage your money well! Keep a separate bank account for your savings. Also, save for your travels, please, and do not get it from your “savings”. It shouldn’t be called “savings” if you’re going to spend it anyway. Remember, the purpose of your savings is to help you in ememergency situations and to save up for your future.

2. Punctuality – Stop alwaysssss being on Filipino Time! Remember that people have their own schedules as well. Value the time they have spent for you. And also, this will save you hundreds/thousands of deductions from your paycheck.

3. Fitness – You got a membership at the gym to actually be on the gym! Please stop making excuses. A healthy body is a must to be able to live longer, work harder and party harder!

4. Cleanliness – Always clean your place. This would also prevent mom from screaming and throwing a fit whenever she drops by. Hehe

5. Hygiene – Always put this on your mind: “Never sleep with makeup on. EVER.” Others probably now that by now. I know you’ve known that for a long time! Remember? You’re working in the hotel industry, for goodness sake! A pimply face doesn’t look presentable to anyone! You should also put getting a facial at least twice a month on your budget.

6. Travel – As I said, save up for travel. This makes you relaxed and more motivated to work. I know it has been your lifelong dream to see the world.

7. Think before speaking up – I know sometimes it’s hard for you to keep your thoughts to yourself. But always, always, always remember to take a quick pause, think of how to answer first and then speak up. Not everyone thinks the same way as you do. People have their own take on certain situations. Remember that you can be misunderstood all the time. Be on the safe side and think first before opening your mouth to speak.

8. Know your priorities – You are at work to do your job, not anyone else’s. It’s okay to do favors from others, but help them after you’ve done your work. Know what to prioritize in your list of things to do. It’s ok to leave something undone if it’s not yet needed.

9. Go home on time – I know you love your job and all, but a nice work and life balance is essential to keep you going. Spend more time with family. Go home for the weekend even if you have work on weekends. Key is, ALWAYS KEEP EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE IN BALANCE. Don’t focus on one thing too much. Give them your equal attention.

10. Eat healthier – It’s okay to have junkfood every now and then, but not everyday! Always make sure you had enough fruits and vegetables to make sure your body hass all the nutrients it needs to function well. And please, take your vitamins.


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