10 People You Meet at the MRT

I take this (insert sarcasm here) heaven sent train everyday on my way to work, since 2011. And after 4 years I would say I have already had a good observation of all the people I meet everyday aboard this train. Feel free to comment some more if you have. Haha

1.) The Balancer – This person don’t need those damned safety handrails! He/She can balance on his/her own, b*tch! They put themselves on a certain position, and have to keep their feet at least 2 feet apart to keep that balance. They even have their arms crossed as if saying, “I’m the boss”.

2.) The Warrior – When he sees the slightest space, he will push himself inside the train. Because, waiting for the next train?? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

3.) Deadma – “Go with the flow” is this person’s motto. On the line, he/she will let the force of people pushing until she gets on the train, without her even using her own energy! Brilliant.

4.) The First Timer – This is the person that always whines whenever they get pushed or squished. And is always the first one to get angry. Hahaha. The next one is this person’s mortal enemy…

5.) The Angry Veteran – After the first timer gets angry, this person gets angry next. He would always say, “E ‘di mag-taxi ka! Bawal ma-arte dito!” Well, he’s right. Haha

6.) Sleepy the Dwarf – This person could fall asleep the second he/she sits down the train. And would often lean on your shoulder while his head bobs to the front, to the back and side to side. That poor sleepy thing.

7.) Gentledog – Of course this person is a guy, and he is the one sitting down. And when he sees a lady or an elderly fellow approaching, he pretends to be asleep. Why? So that he doesn’t have to feel obliged to give up his seat, because he’s asleep and he doesn’t see you.

8.) Gentleman – He actually stands up and lets you take his seat. Not only for pretty girls, but for the elderly, pregnant women and kids.

9.) BraveGirl – Girls that ride the train with the guys. I’ve had lots of unpleasant experience riding the train with guys I don’t know. Matutulak ka, maiipit ka. Malas mo nalang din kapag natsansingan ka pa. But they still ride on that area because they still have a little hope left that they will meet the Gentleman and not the Gentledog.

10.) Hormonal B*tch – I’ve been a victim of this b*tch a number of times. They are not necessarily pregnant women, JUST hormonal women. Hahaha. I had this experience when I was one of the few who were lucky to have a seat on the cab for ladies and elders, and this lady in front of me, who’s extremely pregnant, said to me, “Miss, buntis ka ba?” with an annoying sarcastic face. Swerte niya di rin ako inaatake ng hormones ko nun. kundi lalabanan ko siya. Hahahaha. I just stood up and let her get her seat.

Out of the thousands of people that ride this train everyday, who are you in this list? Haha. Let me know if you have more. Happy trip friends! :)


One thought on “10 People You Meet at the MRT

  1. Hi Bes!

    The Fungus – This type of species lurks inside every transportation that’s effin’ crowded as fuck which includes every gender, Boy, Girl, Bi, Gay and Lesbi. The Fungus frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic, they will do whatever it takes just to feel your flesh via their private parts, intentional groping and by pasimple moves with their other body parts. *Note: The fungus is very shy pero makapal ang mukha, cause once you noticed them, magpapatay malisya lang sila. Haha!

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