If there’s anything I have learned this year, it is that people have the natural ability to move on. To let go of people. Friends, loved ones, past relationships and even material things.

I have always been a sentimental kind of person. I try to value all of my friends the same way. Even those I’ve known so long ago and haven’t talked to in a while. I keep every little trinket someone from my past gave me. I end up having a big clutter in my room.

This year, it has dawned on me that its ok for people to grow apart. It doesn’t mean that you never really cared for them. It just happens.

As we live our life, we earn new friends and meet new people. At the same time people from our past, friends and ex-lovers, meet new ones as well. It is just a cycle, you know. You need to let go of someone to make a space available for the next person to meet.

Before this year ends, I promise to clean up all the clutter in my room… if you know what I mean. ;)

Whenever you feel bad that you haven’t been in touch with your friend from highschool or that guy from your senior year in college, remember that it’s okay.

It is human nature to outgrow people. It’s natural. :)


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