I am so disappointed with myself.

People wouldn’t think twice to trade places with where I am now yet I don’t value it that much.

Bad habits die hard.

“Habitual”… “Verbal Warning”

I am a very considerate person. So I am kind of confused to whom I really feel disappointed…

To myself? For not being able to discipline myself…

Or to them, that don’t even see the effort, time and sacrifices I did for the past 6months…

It’s so hard. Makes me feel like I don’t belong. That somewhere, there is a place that would accept me as I am, and value all my efforts and sacrifices.

I am a very good employee. I know that for sure. I live to the core values of my company. I give input, I reach goals, meet deadlines and work harmoniously with my colleagues.

I have taken so much responsibility and they are just putting even more on my work load. I overcome it… yet they want more.

“Needs improvement”

Dang it. So confusing.

Sorry for ranting. Its just my way to release the riot in my head. I still love my job and my company though.


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