I’ve been MIA for 3months and I don’t really have a good reason for it except that I’ve been too focused at work.

So much has happened and changed since my last post back in July…

I am now on Probationary status with my current company and I can’t feel even more blessed!

That coveted 'S' tho! ;)

It took effect last Sept 1 and it was indeed an advanced birthday gift. Aside from the remarkable increase in monthly income, I can also enjoy employee benefits now, like outlet discounts and the like.

I recently treated my family at Heat for lunch before Dad went back to Baku for work. It was a happy feeling that I can now treat them to this kinds of places. Such a fulfilling moment. :’)

Family picture outside Heat!

We also got the chance to stay overnight to experience being guests for one day.


Beside the hotel's amazing lagoon-type pool :)
Chi the Spa walkway

We are so lucky to be given training essential to do our jobs well!

Shang care 1 feature at our colleague's restaurant! :(
STAR 5 (Shangri-la Training for Agressive Revenue) Reservations Training. :)

And I just finished the 2nd part of our Care trainings earlier! :)

Congratulations to us, classmates! :)


All in all I am very much happy with where I am now and am more determined to achive more with my career.

So much has happened to me, and it just makes me feel even more grateful to the Lord. :)

So many surprises, so much happiness. Thank you, Lord! :)


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