My Strength, My Support System and My First Love

Family has been the second most important aspect in my life, next to God of course.

I thank the Lord for giving me wonderful parents, the traditional kind. They have moulded me to the kind of person I am now. My parents never asked too much from me, academic-wise. They just want me to pass all my subjects, learn what has been taught and getting recognition would be just a sweet bonus. Of course I always did my best and brought home recognitions every now and then, but I was never the brightest kid in class. Teehee.

Come college, my Dad, Jun, never pressured me in choosing my degree. He just said, that I should choose whatever degree my heart wants. That’s why I took up HRM, the degree I’ve always wanted since grade school. <3 I was so happy that I wasn’t like any of my high school batch mates that were forced by their parents to take up a degree just because that is what they think would bring success to their lives, and them ending up getting failing subjects because they are not really interested in what they’re studying about. Hehe. ;)

They have always been really supportive even though they don’t really say it that much, but I feel and know that they are. My Mom Daisy, especially during the times that I was still with Center for Pop Music Phils., has been a full-time stage mother, I tell you! If there was Facebook back then, she’d be posting all my photos and videos from rehearsals, guestings and concerts. Haha. Her close friends at the Couples for Christ community often tell me that my mom always tell them stories about me. About my achievements in school and in my career. I was so touched whenever they tell me this, it reassured me of my mother’s love for me.

Me, together with my brothers Daniel and Alvin, our folks call us “B1” or Batch 1. These two boys, I consider them as my best friends, they’ve known me since we were kids (of course), they know what to make me laugh, what favourite food I like, and most importantly, they’ve seen me in my most disgusting state. :)))) Though they are grown up and are college boys now, we still see each other as little kids. I often tease them whenever I see them texting or exchanging tweets with a girl, any random girl – if I may add (that’s how a real ate is ya know hahaha). Plus, their friends love me! And I love them too, because they always tell me I’m pretty. Hahaha! (Tho I don’t know if they mean that or they are just teasing. Hahaha)

I am so proud of them because they always excel in school, unlike their ate, who is always average. Hahaha! Daniel is taking up Geology at Mapua Institute of Technology at Intramuros, Manila. It ain’t easy for him, I tell you. We are the ones that spend most of the time together since we live together at Grass Residences in North Edsa. After shift, I come home to him at 1 in the morning, studying or studying to that matter, haha. When I wake up, I still find him glued to his seat next to his study table, with lots of books, notebooks and paper on it. I’m proud to have a brother like him, so dedicated and so passionate. Plus, he knows how to balance work and play. Gosh, this guy has more social life than me even with all that studying! He even plays the violin!

Alvin will start college next month at the State U at Los Banos, Laguna come August. All three of us took UPCAT, and he’s the only one that passed. Haha. Ever since he was a kid, he possessed extraordinary intelligence, he passed tests and quizzes without even studying. His brain is like a sponge, he remembers everything. Dang, I wish I was like him. Hahaha. Yet he is so humble, and I think that is one characteristic that will bring him success. And I’m envious of his exemplary keyboard/piano skills. -_-

B2 or Batch 2, Julia and Rainier, our little babies are the sweetest! Julia is the most friendly among all of us. She approaches every visitor we have with a smile and talks and plays with them like they’ve known each other for years! She also never forgets to kiss me goodbye whenever I leave home for school/work. She is also the most talented, she dances, she sings, she plays the piano, and the guitar! She is so active that this summer, she never really had her vacation. All summer she took up basic and advanced swimming lessons, voice lessons, piano lessons and studying Mental Math with CMA Mental Arithmetic, yet she never complained. How active, this girl!

Rainier took the same lessons as Julia, except voice and keyboard lessons. He was actually the one who got the awards at swimming school, Best in Dog Paddle and Best Backstroker. Good job my love! He is also the funniest! Every thing he does is funny. He always makes us laugh. He has the most outrageous things to say that never fails to make us burst out laughing. Haha. Before he was born, I was honestly not sure if I like him. I know that he wasn’t even born, yet I was thinking of this, but the thing is, Julia was just a few months old when we found out Mom is pregnant again (Julia is only older by 11 months, not even a year! Haha). So the thought of having another baby in the household, and me as the eldest, didn’t give me the best of feelings. But of course, after he was born, I forgot all about it and just loved that little chubby baby boy in my arms. Until now, even if he’s 8 years old already, he would always hug and kiss me, and say, “I love you Ate Vina.” Awwwww, how sweet! <3 And since he is the youngest, we have a little nickname for him, “Baby Boo“. Boo for bunso or youngest in tagalog. :)

I don’t really get to be with them everyday, especially now that I’m working. I only go home every rest day, which is once a week. Now I treasure every moment I spend with them and realise how lucky I am to have my family. My family that loves me with who I am, that supports me in every step I take, and that loves me unconditionally.

I know there were times that I forget them, and I feel bad for that. Never should we take our families for granted. No one can ever replace our mom, our dad, our sister, our brother, or eventually, our own kids. These people are the best gifts God ever gave us. They are the ones to celebrate every achievement with, ones to cry every hardship and frustrations with, and most importantly, the ones we share the most love with. :)

For those of you out there that’s lucky to have a complete family, treasure every single one and every moment you spend with them. It’s a blessing from God.

When was the last time you said I LOVE YOU to your family?…

…Say it now. :)


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