Relationship with Him

I attended mass last night at St. Francis Chapel in Shaw Boulevard. I find myself attending mass here more often just because my workplace is just across the street.

Whenever I attend mass alone, I reflect more. I tend to absorb all the things I hear at mass better.

Last night’s sermon made me feel so loved. I even had to take notes on my phone, like I do whenever I listen to talks at YFC!

He was discussing about the love of God, our relationship with Him, and if we’re doing something to nourish this relationship.

What happens when we commit to the Lord? How will you sustain this love, this relationship, your faith?

When the Lord said, ” I will be with You forever.” He meant He will be with us forever. There were countless times that I forget about Him, about His love, and about His mercy. But He never left, he stayed true to His word.

Father then asked, “Is there someone here that calls their father “Sir”? No one raised their hand. Of course no one does that! Why? Because our relationship with our fathers are an affectionate relationship, just like our relationship with God.

At the Holy Eucharist, during communion, we consume the body of Christ, and when we do this, we consume the Glory of God.

It was really refreshing and enlightening. It made me want to be even closer to the Lord than I already am. He never left me. Even though I often forget He is just beside me.

We shouldn’t take any relationship for granted. Especially those with our friends, family and with the Lord. Every relationship should be a two-way street. Remember those that never left and never will. :)


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