I never thought I’d be one.

If I have food with me, I wouldn’t go on break.

My brain wouldn’t wake up totally without coffee.

Every first day of my work week makes me excited, heck, everyday I’m excited to work.

I’d rather go to work than go on a vacation elsewhere.

I just love what I’m doing.

‘Twas the first time I said, “I love my job.”

I find my colleagues really fun to be with.

Every time I set foot at the reception, I feel at my best.

Whenever I hear my bosses impressed with my work, I feel even more motivated.

When I hear my colleagues say that I was a big help, I want to help even more.

When I make mistakes, I am excited to do it again, the right way.

I would rather have 15-minutes of break than chill around after eating and not finish work due for the day.


But I love this. I love how my day is spent now.

Guess you just really have to keep moving until you find that right one. :)


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