Best of May

May was really something.

A lot has happened last month, it almost felt like May was a year-long!

Now, I have so much in my mind right now, that I feel like this post isn’t gonna be organised, idea-wise, but I’ll blab anyway.

May was the youth camp season for North A Cluster 2. It was the first camp with me not a Chapter Head. It was weird, because I felt like, I really wanted to help in all the preparations for the youth camp, but I had to let the Chapter Heads do their job. Last year, we only had our Discovery Camp, which was unusual, since we normally hold youth camps every year. I really miss being ngarag and having 2 hours of sleep preparing for the youth camp.

This time though, I got to help in all 4 camps. :)

Here are some photos…

Bagbaguin and Vista Verde Camp







Llano/INB Camp


(Me and Kat being really supportive to our home chapter! :))

Capri Camp



Delivered talk 1! :) Praise God for using me as His instrument once again!


I can’t even believe that while we have youth camps every weekend of May, I was working. I passed my requirements May 2 and started the next day, agad agad!

I feel so blessed that during my first month at work, I got 2 commendations and 3 upsells already! The Lord is really helping me to reach that golden status!


Ms. Sin, the guest that sent her message of appreciation, called the Front Office, I was still at work, way past my duty hours, so I was really hesitant in answering that phone, but I still did. She was asking for help to print out some important document and since the business centre was closed at that hour, I offered assistance in printing it for her. I asked her to send it to the email of Front Office, but since I was about to go home, I will just put a note on her reservation, so that whoever she approaches at the front desk will be able to know her request. I didn’t even really put that much effort in assisting this particular guest. I just followed standard operating procedures and that was it.

The next day, I started my shift wondering if Ms. Sin got her documents printed.

A few hours before my shift ends that day, my manager, Ms. Hisa, called me and gave me a piece of paper and said, “Very good!”. I was curious, and saw the email from Ms. Sin and the message that the big bosses included. I felt really inspired and motivated! To think that I am not a regular employee yet, this kind of appreciation is what would really help me get there. :)

I told myself that I will focus on my career even more. I have so much that I plan, and have to do, and having a stable job while doing what I want will help me achieve those.

Everyday I am excited to go to work, and do even better. I fell so happy whenever my managers and my colleagues tell me that I have been a great help. I know God has these all planed out. I trust Him and His will. :)

A little reminder for myself: Stay focused. Do good great. Pray.



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