EDSA Shangri-La

New work, new friends, new beginning. :)

I am still with the front office team, but this time, my focus is mainly back-up reports, billings, attending to guest requests and queries and helping managers with their daily tasks. I actually enjoy this type of work and always makes me look forward in going to work every day.

I was originally applying for a receptionist job, but my manager offered this instead. I accepted it and I promised my bosses and myself to do really well, this time I will get that golden status (regularization), I promise! :)


During down time, I’m often left at the office alone. After office hours.

Looks sad, but this is the time I get to do a lot of work done. ;)

The past few days, I impressed my bosses when I got to help at the reception for check in and check outs. Even though I don’t have my own system login and formal training, I managed to do very well keeping the things I learned from Makati Shang in my mind during the whole shift. :)

I was also really overwhelmed when my immediate boss talked to me and said that she is really impressed and she feels that I am better in cashiering than her. And if it’s her decision, she would put me on regular status right there and then, since I really helped her finish a lot of her pending.

That talk really made me inspired even more. It made me crave to do better and improve. I know God has real good plans for me, waiting for its own right timing.

Time to really focus on my career. :) All for God! <3



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