Just a quick update. I just really want to blog since last week, but really can’t find the time to do so.

Right now I have 20 minutes left on my break. Let’s see how much random stuff I can post here. :)

– I just started with my new job with EDSA Shangri-La in Ortigas.
– I am overwhelmed to have delivered a talk during the youth camp with only 2 hours to prepare. But this talk was different, I didn’t feel like I talked at all. It was God that spoke and delivered the message to the participants.
– Dennis and I just celebrated our 15th month together yesterday. Had dinner at Mister Kabab at West Ave. and stuffed ourselves with great Halal food.
– My Dad’s project with Shell Phils. is almost finished and he is going to work abroad again. Not sure yet how I feel about this. :|
– I love my job.
– One life changing experience occurred to me last month and it really made me value my life and current state even more.
– The life insurance that I started back in March is one of the best decisions I did so far in my adulthood.
– I still have a crush on Wa Zi Lei. <3
– I want to have my new pack of Flat Tops!!!

10 minutes left. Have to brush my teeth and touch up my makeup. Let's elaborate these next time. But one more thing…



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