Warning: Rant upcoming

I don’t know why some people need to get credits for their photos. I mean, yes, it has been practiced in the photography world, by real, full-time, paid photographers, but are you one of them?

Just because you finally had an SLR camera doesn’t mean that you’re automatically a pro photographer. Heck, you’re not even using it manually.

For me, I’m happy when people make my shots as their profile pictures, because it means they liked it and it’s “Display-Picture-Worthy”. I don’t need the credits! It just adds on my notifications anyway.

Maybe what these people want is a simple “Thank you”. This is what we should get, not credits! Unless you’re making a living out of your photographs. Because sometimes people don’t realize that the person who shot and uploaded your photo took a moment off their lives to take your photo and upload it in Facebook. You didn’t even need to bring a big and heavy camera yet you got a really amazing photo, right? All you had to do was strike a pose, say cheese and then wait for it to be up in social media.

These are just my opinion, okay.

For me, I don’t need the credits. Just say thank you and I’m good with that. :)

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Credits

  1. I agree to this 100%. Minsan cocky pa `yung pagkakasabi nung may-ari ng picture na kailangan niya ng credits sa picture niya.

    At times, I check Google images and it’s outthere. Lagyan nila ng watermark `yung pic kung gusto rin lang naman ng credit. Besides, when I get the picture I don’t even say that it’s my own to begin with.

    ‘Yan ang hirap sa mga nagka-SLR lang eh.

    1. Hay nako Ms. Vayie, sinabi mo pa. May nakita kasi ako sa FB, “Di man lang ako bigyan ng credits, galing kaya sakin yang picture mo.” Nainis ako kasi, SLR nga gamit niya, naka-auto setting lang naman. Haha. :) It’s just like he used a point and shoot camera. ;)

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