1 Year of Love, 2 Years of Friendship

We met Feb 18, 2012 and was officially together Feb 18, 2013… and the story goes on. <3

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun… and when you’re in love. My bebe and I just celebrated our first anniversary as a couple and it was the most romantic, ever.

I prepared something for him which I started preparing a month before our anniversary. I’ve put in a lot of effort into it and really want it to be something really memorable for him.

I prepared a box with a jar of 356 MnM’s for 635 days together, an “exploding” mini box of our pictures together from the past 12 months, a mini box of 52 reasons why I love him, for 52 weeks together, then 1 letter for 1 year standing strong. Later on you’ll see pictures of it.

As for him, he serenaded me the Sunday before, because his “partner-in-crimes” would have work by Tuesday (which is our anniversary day). It was really a surprise and I couldn’t do anything better and top that! :)



He sang right in front of my house with a cake and with a lot of our friends that he tagged along. I was almost going to cry if only Cupcake, my puppy, went outside and barked at them. Hahaha!

So here are the photos of our celebration… I apologize in advanced if this posts gets filled with photos. :P



We were supposed to celebrate our anniversary at Tagaytay, unfortunately, certain circumstances just won’t allow us to at that time, so we settled at Quezon City Circle. Why not? It’s near, no entrance fee, and there are a lot of activities you can do there too! :)

We had our late lunch at Max’s inside the park.



What I wore: Sheer top from Folded & Hung, high-waist shorts from Nine (Glorietta), bag from Follow Your Heart. :) I just wanted to wear something comfortable but not too simple. Something I can still move into and not worry too much how I’d look.


And this is my gift! Very highschool peg ba? :P


This is Dennis looking and reading thru the exploding box. <3


Here, he is going thru each paper with a reason why I love him. He answered everything with “Syempre naman!”, “Ikaw pa??”, “Syempre love kita eh!”, “Awwwww?”, with tears (of joy) in between. :”) 

1925108_4035249015436_2014192649_n 1743443_4035249095438_1287400787_nNow this one is my favorite part, and where I was touched the most, while he was reading my letter, he started really crying, he cried happy tears. You can see that his eyes are already puffy on the second photo. I never really expected this kind of reaction from him. I was really touched, and tear up a bit as well. If there wasn’t so many people around that area that time, I might have hugged him for the longest time ever. 


I also brought him this cute little piggy stuff toy, because it reminded me of him when I saw it hahaha!

1897810_4035336177615_942187322_n 1621949_4035337457647_1918780213_n

After our “gift-giving” or as I prefer “love-giving” moment, we went go-karting. Hahaha, we really wanted to drive one with two seats but they don’t have that so we just drove by each other and talked, or race against each other. Good thing we’re the only ones in the track!1779700_4035270695978_244343604_n

It was just really simple, but the happiest moment we shared. After all, it is our 1st anniversary together that we are celebrating, and what’s important is that we are together. Other couples don’t have the chance to be together at special occasions, because they live in different parts of the world, and that’s hard. But the Lord has blessed us to let us be together in normal days and special occasions, and  for that, I am thankful. :)


If I ever have to enumerate things that make me love him more everyday, a day would’ve passed by and I’m not finished yet. He has certainly been the best brother, bestfriend and boyfriend to me. I am just so blessed.




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