Tips for Job Hunters (Because looking or a job is like hunting in the wild)

I’ve been on the search for that perfect job for more than 2 months now. Been on several interviews, some I passed, some I didn’t. And I can say that I feel like an expert now! Hahaha! Jk.

So I would like to make a blog post with tips on how to ace any job interview!

Disclaimer: I am no expert. I’ve never worked with any recruitment company, or whatsoever. I’m just that plain job seeker that has been through a bunch of rejections, enough to make me see what’s wrong, correct it and improve myself for next time. ;) Plus, since it’s graduation season, I think this will really help new grads.

1. Prepare a competitive resume

– When you’re applying, first thing they’re going to see is your resume. Better make it attractive (not in an artful/colorful way!!) with all your creativeness with words.

Your name, address, and contact number must be on the top part of the first page of your resume. Make sure all contact details are updated. Then attach a recent 2×2 photo as well on the top (photo taken at least from the last 6 months).

I don’t know about others but this is how I divided my resume into sections:

I. Objective
II. Work Experience/Training
III. Educational Background
IV. Achievements
V. Skills/Aptitude
VI. Membership Affiliation
VII. Seminars Attended
VIII. Personal Data
IX. References

Include awards you received from school or recognition from previous jobs. Impress them by including organizations you are a member of. Include big deal seminars you’ve been a delegate of! Most employers prefer those who are active and are aware of their communities.

To be honest, I’ve put too much on my resume. But try your best to make it with the least pages as possible (mine has 3. Teehee). Only include the details that are significant for the position you’re applying. And don’t ever ever ever EVER put false information on your resume just to make it look good. In the end, it wouldn’t make you look good with the employer.

2. Apply only on a job/jobs that you are interested in…

… or those that you know you’ll be challenged in. Work that makes you even more interested every day, and be motivated.

3. Keep your lines open

– You’ll never know when they’d be calling. We know Recruitment staff works on office hours but some of them call even at 9PM! So always make sure your phone has charge, call waiting on (if available on your phone), and is always with you.

4. Research

– so they already invited you for an interview? Well be a good interviewee and research stuff about the company you’re applying too. Most companies have websites that would have a page just about the company alone. They have there their history, mission, and basically just some random stuff that you just have to familiarize a bit.

Your “employable points” will be deducted if you don’t know even the simplest facts about their company. It will make them think that you’re really not that interested to work with them, that you just didn’t have a choice.  So be good and happy researching!

6. Prepare stuff

– most companies would require you to bring an updated resume, 2 2×2 ID pictures and one or two valid ID. Some would also require you to bring your Transcript of Records and Diploma. So just make sure you have photocopies to bring with you. :)

Also don’t forget to prepare yourself to answer common interview questions, like:

a. Why (your course)?

b. Why did you apply on this position?

c. Tell me things about yourself that’s not in your resume.

d. What do you know about our company? (Number 4, right?)

e. Why should we hire you?

f. What’s your edge among other applicants?

h. What can you contribute to the company?

i. What about your family background?

…etc. etc.

7. Get enough sleep

– there were times that I went to an interview with just 3 or 4 hours of sleep. And it didn’t really help me, of course.

Getting enough sleep makes your brain think clearer, thus helping you answer interview questions very well. It gives you that energy and gives you that glow that might entice your interviewer. *wink wink*

8. Dress professionally

– Even though they don’t say that you have to come in business attire, still, come in business attire. Remember, we want to give a good first impression.

If the employer didn’t specify how you dress up, ladies, I recommend you come in with a black skirt/pants, primary colored blouse (nothing too fancy), black blazer and 2-inch heels.

For the gents, preferably you’ll be in black slacks, long-sleeved polo with a tie, black blazer and black (polished!!!) shoes.

But what’s even more important is that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. Not too loose, not too tight, becaue either one, you won’t be able to present yourself confidently and comfortably. ;)


– let’s be honest, we’ve all been late on scheduled interviews even once. Trust me, it doesn’t make a good first impression. Make sure you wake up early, be familiar with your route going to their office and alot enough time for travel, and consider the traffic. You can never tell your interviewer that you were late because of traffic. They’d just say that you could have anticipated it and left home earlier. Right? It just fires back on you, so never be late!

10. Rehearse your lines

-Since we already know some of the commonly asked interview questions, why not rehearse your answers while on your way there, or while waiting for your name to be called? For me, I type my answers on my phone because it helps me remember what to say better.

And may I add, it woud be really helpful to pray. Pray for guidance, confidence and wisdom, and let Him act according to His will.

11. Be confident

– So your name has been called. t’s your turn. Your heart beats fast and your knees shake. THAT’S NORMAL! But you better not let it show that much. Don’t let your nerves swallow you.

After your name has been called, smile to the person who called you, introduce yourself, offer a handshake, then say, “It’s nice to meet you”. The interviewer will be impressed I’m sure.

Answer his/her questions confidently, feel every word and say it with your heart. Let them feel you’re sincere. Look them in the eye while you answer, and tame those freakin’ hands that are flying everywhere! That doesn’t show confidence at all. Haha.

12. Ask questions

– after an interview, any interviewer usually end it with “Do you have any questons?”, remember, ASK!

What I ask (if everything is already clear) is, “If ever I get accepted onn this position, what would be your expections from me”. Trust me, it’s veeery effective. Haha.

Now, when they tell you that they will just call you, ask hem to give you a timeline, like until when should you wait for their call, so that you won’t wait for too long and never receive that golden call.

If they tell you that you didn’t pass, ask them what went wrong, so that you can improve it next time. Most of them will entertain these quesions.

13. Go back to Number 3!

14. Life goes on

-If you never receive that call, that’s okay. There are still a lot of opportunities out there, waiting for you. Let it be a learning experience. It may not just be the job that God has in store for you.

Stay positive, apply to even more jobs that interest you. Go back to step 1.

But if you ever did receive that call, congratulations! Be more prepared on the second, third, fourth and final interviews! Continue doing what you did good on previous interviews and never forget to pray! Thank Him for this opportunity and ask for guidance. Remember that he has already planned everything for you. ;)


As of now, I have 2 pending applications, on the 1st one I don’t think I would pass. It’s just really out of my field. The 2nd one though, they’ve given me a timeline, and I am still waiting. I really prefer the 2nd one though.

I really hope this would help lots of people like me, seeking for that job that God has prepared for me.

Let me know about your experiences and I will share mine too on my next posts. If you have additional tips, please leave a comment! It would help a lot of people. :)

Thank you for reading through and HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! :)


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