Being a Proton (+)

Hey everyone. Time flew so fast, and I am now, unemployed.

It seems like it was just a few months ago that I was blogging about leaving IHG and joining Makati Shangri-La’s family.

I’m actually not sad about it… now. But I was really sad and heartbroken. Especially that they told me that my contract will be ending in a week (I already know about this but I was expecting for being on Probationary). I had a week to say goodbye to this routine that I had for 6 months, to say goodbye to my colleagues and to my guests. </3

But I understand them, the hotel’s management, that they had to come up with that decision. It may not be just for me. I learned a lot anyway, which is enough. :)

Right now I am on the hunt for “the job”. I know it’s out there, waiting.

This whole experience taught me to be patient, and to enjoy every second of my life. To value each and everything that I have, especially those that I prayed hard for.

I know sometimes waking up early and having to squeeze yourself up in the train, racing through time, makes you want to dread that you have to go to work, but let’s face it, we need it, we need work. It gives us fulfillment and joy, whether we do good or not. To know that we have something to do that we love, makes us feel we’ve hit success.

To everyone who reads this, I humbly ask for you to include me in your prayers, that I may find patience and gain understanding more. :)

Let’s stay optimistic and positive, like a proton! <3


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