On Truth in Relationships

They say staying true with everything you say and do makes a relationship harmonious. And we’re not just talking about Romantic relationships, but this can also apply with your family, friends and colleagues.

We’re just humans. I know. We lie about the smallest things. For instances, I sometimes lie about where I was last night with my parents. Or, I say I’m sick, and had to skip work, whereas my ass is just really lazy to go to work today. You know, those type of lies.

We often think that this won’t hurt anyone… When in fact it does. Like my folks would feel bad if they somehow knew the truth, and one of my colleagues had to go to work on her day off/ extend working hours because they become undermanned. .

Very simple, right? And yes, it does hurt someone. Of course it affects your relationships, no matter how you think it wouldn’t.

What about if it’s a bigger lie. Like, cheating, or “hidden relationships”? You know for a fact that it’s wrong, that’s why you’re hiding it.

Some people will be like, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Well my dear, you got it all wrong right there. As my friend Roxanne would put it, “May mali sa relasyon kaya tinatago.”

Ever since, I never liked hiding something. Kahit literal na nagtatago ng bagay. Like those pranks wherein one person will hide one person’s bag, and they’d ask me not to tell the latter. I end up telling that person who took his bag. And the other person will be like, “Ano ba yan, Vina! Bakit mo sinabi? KJ nito!” (Oo KJ ako, kasi kahit ako ayoko ng niloloko at pinagtataguan. Hahaha. Subliminal.)

Every secret will be revealed in it’s own time. And until then, will everyone feel “free”.

But come to think of it, if nothing was hidden, and everyone just knew about it, or at least the people that deserves to, then no one will be hurt. Tanggap na, umpisa pa lang.

I feel bad that I was kept from the truth. Things just got worse… And it got to this point that the friendship can’t ever ever be restored. If you only told me right from the start… If only you did.

Oo, may pinaghuhugutan ako. Saklap lang.


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