Dear Diary…

Today was a great day. :)

Started it off with a dose of my favorite Koreanovela to this time, Playful Kiss. Starring my Kim Hyun Joong Oppa! :”>

This is my favorite scene so far! Turning point of the story. Hihi! (*Sigh* Lucky Ha Ni Unnie. šŸ˜Œ)

Best Boyfriend in the world then came over just before lunch. It’s the first time we had our rest days scheduled the same day after 2 weeks, so we planned on spending some quality time. After having lunch, (which was fun since we prepared food for ourselves. Hihi!) I spent half the time begging him not to go play basketball today with his officemates, telling him this is the first time that I don’t want him to go play. I just want to be with him the whole day. :( Though he would still love to stay, he just can’t say no to his hobby and his buddies. I let him go with him promising to make it up to me on our next day off. Can’t wait, honey! ;)

After a couple of hours, my siblings came back home from school. This is also the first time after 2 weeks that I got to bond with them again. Because at morning when I wake up they’re already at school, and when I get back home at night, (which is very late) they have already been sleeping for hours. (Sad :() We had dinner and laughed together. :”) I got to teach bunso Filipino and Math for his exams tomorrow. Hayy. I missed it. I love being “Ate” (big sister). :”>

Another thing I’d like to share is about Vanilla Cupcake Cakery’s cupcakes. Bought 2 cupcakes yesterday and only got the chance to eat them earlier. I bought Red Velvet and Lemon Cupcake for myself. :)


Me being a fan of Red Velvet, I surprisingly liked their Lemon Cupcake better. I would rather buy that one only the next time. It’s to die for!!

It’s baked perfectly You have to try it guys, you won’t regret it! It’s worth the moolah! :D

Anyhoo, tomorrow is another day at work. Finished with PM shift already that’s why I’m so excited! And I’d be training at the desk tomorrow doing all Front Desk – related work! Yey! :D

Wish me luck! Fighting! :D


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