Simple Joys on Bad Days

We all have those days that everything seems perfect. It’s like the whole universe is paving it’s way especially for you. Like waking up late but ending up 1 hour early for your shift, like being commended by your boss, and going home early.

We all love good days, I mean, who doesn’t, right?

But of course, not everyday do we have “OUR DAY”. Of course there are times we encounter those cursed “bad days”.

You wake up late, you get stuck in traffic, you end up late, you get a complaint, boss gets mad, your stomach suddenly aches, and the list goes ok within the day. Badtrip lang eh noh.

But anyway, I have seriously been through a lot of bad days. Sometimes I find myself wanting to cry from frustration.

Like earlier, I was scolded by my superior for not doing something we weren’t briefed of. Me, being against unfair judging, felt like objecting… but I kept my yap shut instead (thinking that she’s my supervisor and I’m not supposed to be objecting). After our conversation, Lia, one of my friends/colleagues, told me, “Okay lang yun Vina, wag mo dibdibin” (That’s okay Vina, don’t take it too much.) I said, “No, I’m okay.” and I smiled. Where in fact I was taking it seriously, I was about to cry. I almost felt like this whenever a boss or a senior gets disappointed from me.

By 8PM, there was only 4 of us Guest Relations Officers, and I found it hard to finish my pending work since I had to assist a lot of guests an can’t leave the lobby. I had a challenge with one guest regarding charges because I got the incorrect number so our Asst. FO Manager had to assist me after having his own bad day.

After finishing everything I was out of work by 10:27PM, and MRT’s last trip to North Ave. was 10:30PM. I was almost certain I won’t be able to catch that last trip.

But goody, I did catch that last trip!

This is what MRT’s last trip looks like. It was just like, only me on one cab!

See, it wasn’t a bad day after all. :) We just need to see the joy in one thing and make ourselves happy. For me, the lessons I learned today makes this day worth it (and catching MRT’s last trip to the north makes every bad day a good one! ;D)

Here’s a photo of a happy me at the last train trip. ;)

Live life, be happy, enjoy little things, love fully. You have control of your life, make sure you make it a happy one at the end of the day. :)

Goodnighties! :*


One thought on “Simple Joys on Bad Days

  1. We all have it, Vee. Naku, lalo na dito sa IHG. The thing about having bad days, minsan, sunod-sunod. Parang hindi mo tuloy alam kung may quota ka ba dapat.

    But that’s the spirit. We should try to at least see things in a different light, no matter how small. From there we’ll realize, lucky pa tayo.

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