Last week was the last of my training days, and this week, I started with my “official duty”. Unlucky enough, I was put on the PM shift for 2 weeks, which is what I last hoped for since I am really afraid of going home alone late at night, since it’s resurfacing my fears from an unfortunate experience back in 2011 when I got to be a hold up victim after my shift from my internship at Dusit Thani Manila.

It was just 2PM-10PM, you know, I still have enough time to change and run up to MRT to catch the last trip, but that wasn’t the case on my first day of official duty.

You see, at my work, when you go home exactly on the time your duty ends, people will look at you and say, “Why are you leaving early?”, may not be verbally, but from the way they look at you. Because people there really extend hours of OT-Y (Oh, Thank You! You know what I mean.)

So I was out by 11:15PM and there’s no way MRT is still operating by this hour. -_- I took a bus ride to TriNoma and was surprised to see that there are no more vans to ride home (which is my only way of transportation going home). Luckily, my Mom and Dad was there to the rescue and fetched me up at McDonalds in front of TriNoma.

While I was walking from North EDSA to McDo, I was almost on the verge of crying, since I was so afraid. I was telling myself that I can’t deal with this kind of schedule everyday for 2 weeks, and that I can’t do it anymore, I was really telling myself I should resign. My fears that I got from that night resurfaced and I want to cry.



After getting home I posted this, and was touched with everyone’s comments. Rarely do I feel weak, and I am lucky enough to have all these people cheering me up and trying to make me strong.

The next day, my boss was kind enough to let me go home as early as 10:10PM. Had enough time to catch the last train ride to the north and van to our place. Thank God!

These past few days made me remember the reason I applied for this position, that this is what I want, that I needed these challenges, that I can’t be comfortable forever with my previous job. I know through this will I find success, and have more opportunity to beat myself and soar higher career-wise.

These realizations made me trust God more, to let everything go according to His plan. It made me feel safer, and loved.

Of course I will still continue with my job, and day by day, learn to love it more and make myself look forward for each day at work.

*Wink wink!*


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