Celebrate Service Week 2013

Hi! Been like almost 2 weeks since I last updated my blog. Been too busy accomplishing requirements and doing all the work left for me to do at IHG.

My last week with IHG was sooo happy and unforgettable. It was the annual Celebrate Service week of IHG which is celebrated globally. It is one week dedicated to honor the hard work of every staff which helped, even in their own little ways, to achieve goals for last year.

Of course, a week like this can’t go by with just words of “Thank You” from the bosses, or words of wisdom from colleagues, but there are a lot of freebies! Mehehehe. Through out the week I received a lot of freebies, which I consider “memorabilias” nalang. :(

Also a lot of free food! Monday, HR prepared a food festival for everyone. Lugaw, Turon, Lumpia, Sorbetes at Gulaman. Filipino merienda at its finest!

Also, I treated my friends and Perf Support team Pizza as my despedida. Pwede na ‘yon, at least mura lang. Hahaha.


Tuesday, IGC gave each staff and agent umbrellas (perfect for the weather) with the department’s stamp on it, given by Ms. Suzie, the director of global sales. :)

Wednesday, was a fun day! We designed our own umbrellas with IHG’s Winning Ways as our theme.

Here’s a photo of our “finished product”! Pretty right? Hahaha.

And that’s me modeling it. Hahaha. :)

Thursday, I was in charge for the food for the whole department. Not that I was the one paying, but I picked where to and what food to order. Sir Ced, my boss, just said that it should be Filipino food, accepts credit card as payment, with a budget of 150PHP per person, 35 pax for 11AM delivery, and 70 pax for 8PM delivery. Pressure, right? I decided to order at Adobo Connection, and ordered their Lola’s Classic Chicken Adobo and Leche Flan. I was actually quite skeptical since a lot of reviews at blogs I found say that food there is not that good. Eh naorder ko na, bahala na!
Good thing is, they loved it. Success for me, hooray!

Friday, my last reporting day, was kinda hard. I took pictures with my friends in the office, and exchanged “sad smiles”. I know everyone’s happy for me, but some were also sad that we won’t see each other that much anymore. I actually didn’t have that much time to bond with them since I still have a lot of work left to do.

What I said on my Instagram post on my last day. Awww. :(

Before I left last Friday, my boss went on my station and said, “You’re going na?” With that “not-so-bright” look, which is unusual with him. And I said, “Yes, thank you sir. I’ll be back on Monday to complete my requirements and clearance.” Then he smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll see you on Monday.”

It may be simple, but I was really touched. :”) I felt special and sad at the same time. But thankful as well, since he was so supportive.

Before going home, all I said was, “Bye Workstation”. And yes, I was talking to my desk. Hahahaha.

My Celebrate Service Week didn’t end on my last day! We still had our week-ender, yesterday, where we had free movie passes to Man of Steel at The Podium, Ortigas!



There, I saw some people that even hugged me and wished me luck on the new challenge I have to face. It actually gave me more hope and strength, knowing that a lot of people, aside from my family and loved ones, believe in me and what I can achieve. Thank You Lord for sending such amazing people my way!

As CS Week went to a close, so as my career with IHG ended.

It was a great experience, to be with IHG, and never will I ever regret walking in and taking my chances, on that gloomy July morning, to apply and thinking hopefully I might get a job this time, with IHG. It wasn’t really part of my plan, but I was happy. Guess that’s what you get when you let Him work His ways. :”)

Tomorrow will be the start of a new chapter. It’s my first day with Makati Shangri-La tomorrow. A new journey I have to face and a new challenge to overcome. Excited na ko. :)

Thank You, oh God, for Your wonder and love!


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