Pre-Employment Shizzles

Hiya! I have a lot of blog posts pending in my drafts since I can’t seem to find the time to finish it yet. Been so busy at work since Ate Roscel went on LOA, and had her work split among Henia, Dee and me, on top of the things we still have to do. Not complaining though, it’s just that I’m not used to being this busy anymore.

Add to that is the rush in accomplishing my Pre-Employment Requirements (PER) for Makati Shangri-La. A lot of it would be my first time to get one on certain government offices. Some, I was able to find a blog post about it, but some, none. It’s such a bummer that I still had to tweet to ask anyone that could help me in finding an answer (like how to get government-supported documents regarding my PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig numbers) when I’m used to trusting it all to my sistah-“Google” that would give me an answer instantly. (So thank you to all my Twitter friends who helped me! :”>) No more free time for me! Whenever I finished all my work at the office early, I would go ahead and work to tick off some of my PER.

And this torture I’m feeling just by the anticipation of getting my “Impakto” (what I call my impacted tooth hahaha) extracted this weekend doesn’t make things easier. I need to have it removed since I need the clearance of my dentist and secure a Dental Certificate with the golden words: Dentally fit to work. Just to let you know, I’m no fan of any medical/dental procedure that would require tolerating pain for a long time (or any procedure at all). And yes, even my blood extraction during my medical exam last week (also for my PER) almost freaked me out.

I will definitely blog about how I got some of my government-supported documents. I’m sure it will help someone.

For now, I’ll have to finish everything first, since deadline would be on Monday. Gahhh!


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