Things I Want to Say to…

THE 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE DAY 12: Things you want to say to an ex.

10.8.05. Sorry for being inconsiderate. I know I’ve hurt you a couple of times in the past years, even after the break up. Sorry for not breaking it face to face. I don’t have to courage to do so. I’m ashamed of myself, that’s why. But thank you for still being nice. You are one of the kindest people I knew. Thank you for still loving me until a few years back. I feel sorry that I can’t give that love back. Stay loving and romantic. I know you’re happy now, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Continue making her feel like a princess, she deserves it, and you deserve someone who loves you back, the same way you loved me. You’re a wonderful person. You’ll always be my soulmate. :)


05.20.08. Hmm… I have a lot to say… I think… Well, I think we’re okay now, right? First I want to say sorry for being childish a lot of times during and after the relationship. Can you blame me? I was young, and in love, and was left, alone. We were almost perfect, you know? We had the same interests, we didn’t try that hard to be able to ride each other’s trip. Oh well. Sayang lang. The next time, make sure you treat her like a princess, not just call  her a princess. That’s two different things. I also wanted to say, I waited for you. I guess, we’re not really meant for each other. I even made a list of things and stories to tell you once we get back together. Haha. Clingy lang. I want you to know that I thought about you every day, wished you’d come back, and things like that. But don’t worry, I’m okay now. That’s why everything is said in past-tense :) I still wish we could be good friends, that kind where we’d talk about anything. I’d like to forget every negative thing about us and keep the good ones. You are one of the most significant part of my story… Friends? :)


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