Resident From the “Gates of Hell” Here!

Hi everyone! I’m Vina, and I’m living in the “Gates of Hell”, as author Dan Brown would “fictionally” describe it, also known as Manila.

Apparently, on the author’s new installment of Prof. Robert Langdon‘s adventures, “Inferno“, Brown referred to Manila as the “Gates of Hell”. I’ve known about this issue after reading Filipinos’ (or Manileños’) reactions on Facebook and Twitter, then decided to look for an article about it, and found this.

I looooove Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol“. The book has been written very descriptively, and to combine that with my strong imagination, my whole reading experience was like an adventure. I felt like I was with Robert Langdon on his adventure on decoding some of Freemasons’ and America’s great secrets. Though I never read The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, I loved the plot and the movie adaptation. See, I am a fan of mystery movies and stuff. But if I watched the movie first, I don’t bother reading the book anymore.

Going back, on the linked article, MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority)‘s Chairman, Francis Tolentino, (I think) was hurt from this statement of Mr. Brown. Of course he was writing a fiction, some (or everything) parts of it would be exaggerated or fictional at all. I believe on the introductory part of ANY fictional work (movies, novels, etc.), there would be a disclaimer for events that certain names, dates or places somehow resemblances real life is a merely coincidence.

Just take a look at the said response of Mr. Brown here  (though I’m not sure if this is official).

I somehow understand the good Chairman’s point. Even though this novel is a work of imagination, it can still somehow affect Mr. Brown’s readers’ impression of Manila, regardless if they have been here or not. But still, don’t you think it was a little too over-reacting, Mr. Tolentino?

I’d still like to read this novel, though. I’m such a fan of Mr. Robert Langdon. :)

Golden lesson here? Think before you write.

(I address that to both parties. Hehe)

Happy weekend! :)


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