On Being Tall and All

Great midweek to y’all!

Yesterday, I wore my favorite blue peplum skirt and I got lots of attention… in a negative way. It was the same length as other peplum and bandage skirts are, but my colleagues kept telling me, “Isn’t that skirt too short for you?”. On my way to the office and going home, people turned their heads… and look right away at my gams. Geez. Hello people, my eyes are up here!!

I mean, c’mon, do tall girls don’t have the right to wear these skirts? I love wearing skirts and dresses to work, but since they always seem too short for me, I wear pants instead. :(

But don’t get me wrong, I love my height. It’s just that when it comes to my bottoms it always comes out too short. Been thinking of this since yesterday and I made me a mental list of the pros and cons of being tall, which I want to share with you.

Let’s start with the CONS:

  1. The “too-short bottoms” – we already heard about this, moving on…
  2. I feel awkward wearing heels – regardless of the heels’ height I feel awkward. I feel like people would say, “Ano ba yan ang tangkad na nga naghi-heels pa!” (She’s already tall! Why is she still wearing heels?!) Of course I shouldn’t care about what other people would say, but, most of my friends are shorter than me. And wearing heels makes me feel like awkward.
  3. My legs barely fit on the spaces between chairs of buses (or any  – a lot of buses here in Manila (especially the mini ones) have small spaces between chairs. Sometimes I have to sit sideways, with my legs on the walkway at the aisle of the bus. Bummer.
You know, like these ones? :/

…and of course the PROS:

  1. I never felt suffocated while in the MRT  Now, I always go to the first couch of the train, which they call the “Ladies’ Section”. Some people (those shorter than most of the passengers) sometimes feel like they can’t breath with all those tall people surrounding and squeezing their bodies against each other. In my case, I just have to put my chin up and smile. *wink!*
  2. I don’t have difficulties in reaching things – my Mom is shorter than me. She would always ask me to reach for plates/utensils placed on the top shelf of the cabinet.
  3. I climb stairs faster – thanks to my long-legged. (This line is a classic quote from Melanie Marquez when she competed for 1979 Miss International) Hahaha. I can take 2 levels in one step, sometime three. Yep, I’m flexible like that. Bwahaha!

Anyway, I posted this not to complain, but to say that no matter how we have difficulties in our physical appearance, we should always be thankful and find something to like it about. I love my height, definitely. It gives me an edge specially on my chosen field (Hospitality). So thanks to my parents and ancestors for giving me these wonderful genes!

How ’bout you? What do you like most about your body? Leave a comment below. :)

Good day!


4 thoughts on “On Being Tall and All

  1. I’m not especially tall at 5 foot 6, but I am significantly taller than one of my friends and I agree with you that wearing heels around short people does feel awkward. Have you considered having a go at making your own skirts to allow for your long legs.and your colleagues wandering eyes?

    1. Hi Jayne! Thanks for dropping by!

      I actually don’t have the talent in making my own clothes but I’d definitely try that! Good idea! I’ll ask help from my friends. :) Have you had these problems as well?

      1. It’s not long legs I have problems with but big boobs. Often if clothes accommodate the boulders at the front they don’t fit snugly on the waist, back or arm pits. People often I feel look down my clothes where as people from what you say you feel look up in yours. :) I have made my own clothes in the past, in my younger days, and, mostly for special occasions, but now I can find plenty of excuses not to bother and may be care less. Have fun experimenting.

      2. Wow, there’s always one problem for each girl. Haha, but, lucky for us, most of us are very resourceful and creative! Will post it here in my blog once I try DIYing my own skirts or any other apparel as well. :) Thanks Jayne! :)

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