Mr. Grey



ALEX PETTYFER. This handsome creature is rumored to be portraying Mr. Christian Grey! Well, where can I get tickets in advanced? I’d surely buy THAT! (I mean the ticket… *wink!*)

Though I would also like Ryan Gosling or Matt Bomer to be Mr. Grey. Either one of them. :)

matt-bomer-black-and-white in-bed-with-matt_bomer-425x298


Feminist-Ryan-Gosling          ryan-goslingjames


Uhh, excuse me, why do we have a lot of hot guys here? Off you go… *almost whisper voice* with me. *Back to loud voice* You bad bad boys!

Oops, sorry! Channeled my inner Anastasia right there. Hahaha. :)

Anyway, while I was reading the book, I imagined Christian Grey as a tall white guy, always wore a white shirt/suit & tie at work, has that “messy-but-hot” look on his hair and has that stare that melts every girl he met. And boy, do these guys have it all! Hahaha. If I’m the one in charge of casting, I’d definitely have a hard time choosing who gets to be Mr. Grey. Though, I think the one closest to “my” Mr. Grey (the one I imagined) would be Matt Bomer. I think it’s because of the shape of his face.

Oh well. Good thing it would not be my decision to decide who’d play the guy that a lot of girls are fantasizing of. Haha, I’ll just patiently wait for it. I’ll wait for you, Mr. Grey. ;)

…. BACK TO WOOOORK! :) Hahahaha.


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