Last Night

Last night was one of my favorite dates with Dennis. It was simple yet meaningful.

After work, we ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak at SM Megamall, his treat. It was his promise to treat me here since 2 weeks ago, and it was so sweet of him to not forget this. :)

IMG_8354  IMG_8349  IMG_8342

It was both our first time to eat here so we kind of just trust it all to faith in choosing what to order.

I ordered myself their best seller (to be safe), Beef Pepper Rice.


If you may have noticed, the beef is raw. We were asked to flip the beef so that it will be cooked evenly. Thumbs up for customer participation (in cooking)! The rice has corn kernels and chopped onion stalks on top, and it was served with a special sauce.

Dennis then ordered Gyuniku Beef Pepper Rice.


It was the same cut of beef, but his has a different marinade (I think), has Japanese Mayonnaise and egg on top of his rice. 

Since I don’t like eating eggs (no malice here please hahaha), I thought I won’t like Dennis’s dish. But after trying it, I actually liked it better than mine.

Also, by letting you flip the meat, you have the option to cook it the way you like it. You can either keep it a little bit raw or let it simmer for a while to make it a little more well done.

Prices? Not too bad. It was from 230 – 245PHP (for our dishes) and has single-serve iced tea included. You have an option as well to order ala carte (without the iced tea) that would slash out 10-15PHP on the price.

We’d definitely come back. The food is worth the money. I’d love to try their other dishes the next time. ;)


After eating, we drove back to Novaliches to go home. Since it’s a holiday, (special non-working holiday for the elections), very light traffic gave us have a lot more time left to chill. We stopped at a Milktea shop along Katipunan St. at Goodwill Homes, Ai Cha Pearl Milk Tea.

It was Dennis’s first time to try his own milktea, so we ordered a safe fix for him. We got Chocolate Milk Tea for him and Wintermelon Milk Tea for me (I also wanted him to try this.)


Price ranges from 60 – 90 PHP. (Including the add-ons, which are priced separately)

We were the only customer on the shop so it’s a little bit quiet in there. They don’t have music to beat up the silence but they have Free WiFi. (Yey!)


We spent our time telling stories about our lives, and I was really touched by his story. I’ve known for quite some time now that his family is going through something but I don’t think I am on the right place to dig deep through the issue. I wanted him to open it up with me only if he wants (and is confident) to, which he did, last night. I was just listening the entire time and patted his back after he started shedding tears. It was nice to see the softer side of Dennis. I felt special and honored for him to entrust his problems at, and I honor him for not being shy and crying even in front me (real man right here!).

Speaking of real men, I forced Dennis to make a Gwiyomi video. Hahahahaha! I downloaded a Gwiyomi app at the Apple App Store which would record the video and embed the song after recording.  Here are some screen shots:

                                                                     IMG_8360    IMG_8361

I haven’t uploaded the video yet (is it okay to, Babe? hahaha) but once I do, I’ll post it here. Hahaha.

Last night was memorable. We bonded like we’re bestfriends for years, which really makes me happy. I look forward to more dates like these!

P.S. 3rd month anniversary is approaching fast! Yey! :)


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