Getting Real

The Philippines’ midterm election is almost done. A lot are disappointed on the partial and unofficial results. I didn’t vote (wasn’t able to register as a voter on time)  so I don’t have the right to whine in seeing these senatoriables filling up the top spots. Let’s just hope for the best for our nation, and may God guide these elected leaders.

People voted for these people in hopes of having a better life. One of the biggest problems of my country is poverty.

Some people blame it to the government, but IMHO? It’s not their fault, it’s ours. We vote for the incompetent, irresponsible and corrupt leaders that leads us nowhere but down. Some people would also tend to just not vote, thinking that their vote doesn’t really matter. Tell you what, it does. Just like how 1 peso is important in a million.

Another thing, how can you blame it to the government if despite our economy’s situation,a lot of people were still able to work their selves up? It’s because they work their butts off to earn a living instead of just sitting there and whining about their problems and blaming it all to the government. Diskarte, people. Diskarte. Hoping to reach success without your own effort is already a failure.

I remember one of my Professors when I was taking up UPCAT review lessons, she said something that I will never ever forget, “Ang paghihirap ay pansamantala lamang.” (Poverty is temporary). If we strive to reach success and be passionate about it, we’ll reach it in no time. Another saying goes, Hindi mo kasalanan na ipanganak kang mahirap, pero kasalanan mo na kapag namatay kang mahirap.” (It’s not you’re fault to be born poor, but if you die poor, then it’s your fault.)

On the 2016 Presidential elections, I promise to vote for the person that I believe at, and I promise to know them well and be able to choose the best leader for this wonderful country.

Let’s just hope for the best for our country. God bless the Philippines. :)


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