Single Life

THE 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE DAY 11: Your current relationship. If single, discuss how single life is.

I’m currently in a relationship with the quirky Mr. Dennis Villamar. We’ve been together since February of this year. (You already know this, right? :P)

Since I might be boring you if I go on and about the details of my relationship with him, let me just tell you how my single life has been before Dennis. ;)


My relationship with ze past boyfie ended in October 2010, so basically I was single for more than 2 years before Dennis.

I actually enjoyed those times! That was my third year in college and it gave me the opportunity to explore a lot of undiscovered things.

Funny thing about break ups, people tend to jump to a makeover as if it would help them move on. For me, it did. After the break up, I gave my fringe a new look and went full bangs. I remember one friend of mine, Anne, said, “Give yourself a haircut, so that it would be obvious you’re going through a break up.” She was just joking, but then I took it seriously. Hahaha.

So from this…


to this…


to this.


 Bam! All that in a span of 2 months! Hahaha. I really enjoyed it though. It gave me a lot of opportunity to explore and see what’s the best look for me.

I was able to hang out with my friends and classmates after class. Which, I wasn’t able to do so before, since we go home together from school, and if one of us has to wait, we would rather wait alone. (Sad. :() One day I was hanging out with my friends at the school grounds late night and realized that this is not the “usual me”, but I was happy. I felt like I’ve lost my social life because of the relationship.

Also, I went out partying with friends. I just want to experience this even once in my life, I want those “crazy” memories that I’d be able to laugh at in the future. I want to try it all. It was the best year of my teenage life. From parties, late night coffee dates, to movies and sleepovers.

Another thing about being single is that you have the chance to meet lots and different kinds of people. At parties, I met some guys that I had a fling with for just a couple of days. Hahaha. Puro text and hanggang 3rd dates lang lahat. This made me realize that the statement “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it” is true. I remember telling Jayson, that I want to experience having a fling (while single), for a change, while I’m still with my ex. And there, the universe gave me not one, not two, but many “flirt-ationships” (What a term.  Hahaha) which eventually I grew tired of.

The whole two years also made me an independent person and be flexible. I go to places on my own, discover new transportation routes, watch movies alone (kinda sad, this one haha),  go out whenever I want to and a lot more!

After being in these situations for  more than 2 years, it was kinda hard for me to think that I might give some of these things up after I enter a new relationship… Good thing that Dennis is a very understanding boyfriend. He’d still let me go out with friends whenever I want to, and be with myself if I want to.

It was one of the best years of my life. I got to enjoy the last of my teenage years . :)

And that pretty much wraps up Day 11! :) Have a happy week! :)


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