Love Notes

He’s funny.

He’s lovely.

His smile is as bright as the stars in the sky.

He walks oh, so perfectly.

His eyes are full of wonders.

His hair is always perfectly arranged.

I love the smell of his father’s perfume on him.


I love how he’s always mused about the wonders of the world.

I love how he cares for everyone.

He has that special charm that always gets me hooked.

I love how his rather corny jokes still makes me laugh.

I love he always tries and finds a way to make me smile.


He has the best pick up lines.

Every good morning and good night text messages are always different.

I love how he calls me “Baby“, “My Princess” and “My Special Girl“.

He always, always makes me feel beautiful.

I love how he constantly assures me of his love.

I love he assures me that everything will be alright.

He tries his best to not be mad at me.

He’s the cutest whenever he’s trying to act sulked.


I really appreciate him always picking me up at work.

He asks me to text him but he ends up texting me first.

He doesn’t hide it whenever he’s feeling giddy.

The tight hugs he gives.


I might have already given a lot of things, but I will never run out in finding things I have to thank for from you.

You give me a lot of reason to love you.


I’m the luckiest girl alive. Thank you for staying by my side. :)


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