Negativity, Wrong Thoughts and its Outcome

A lot is going through my mind right now, I apologize if my thoughts are so unorganized.

– Since this weekend my mind has been tied to knots. Something has been bogging my system. I’ve been hot-headed this past few days, and it has affected things and people significant in my life.

– You know how you shouldn’t be affected in something but you just can’t help to? How you should not even care, but you’re irritated? How you should be in good terms with some people but still, you think negative thoughts about them?

– I feel empty. I feel sad. I feel cheated.

– It makes me crazy not knowing EVERYTHING. Yet it might crush me if I’d know everything.

– Some people are just not mindful of others’ feelings. I hate how they could be insensitive.

– I made A LOT of mistakes at work today. I’m so embarrassed.

– First day of the week and I’m late. Once again. GREAT. Just great.

– I just realized today how you should leave all of your problems behind the moment you walk by your office’s door.

– I miss our little puppy. She’s the only thing I know that could cheer me up right now.

– I hate how I sound so desperate in this post. (I’M NOT! Haha.)

– I have 4 blog posts in queue, two about our trip in Boracay and 2 for the blog challenge.

– I feel heavy, I really want to lose weight but I can’t help but eat… and eat… and eat… and…

– We’ll watch Iron Man 3 tonight with my family and Dennis. I hope this would help me pick myself up.

– I LOVE my cover of  So Slow. <3

– Unfortunate events piled up over the weekend.

– My relationship with my CFC Coordinators at YFC has always been personal. I never had a hard time talking about my personal life and feelings, about anything, with my previous coordinators. Surprisingly, I find that difficult right now.

– I love my service as YCom. But I feel empty with my service.

– A lot of my friends have relationship problems. I feel like they passed on the negativity to me.

– Three of my close friends lost a loved one over the weekend. (Condolences to you.)

– I want another vacation.

– I want NEED more from YOU.

– Ms. Optimistic is Ms. Pessimistic for this post.

– I’d be saying goodbye to my housemates (in my Makati apartment) in a few days. :(

– I want to move to our new place at North EDSA right now! (Which would save me a lot of time and money!)

I miss swimming. :(

– I can’t finish my entries with this tangled mind.

– Sometimes I wish I can write an open letter here for someone. But I think that would come out rude. *Bummer*

Sophie’s Mom visit this week.

– I’m hungry.

– I don’t want to get fat.

– I don’t want to eat this pizza!

– I’m eating the pizza.

Sigh. -_-


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