One of the “Firsts”

April 25, 2013, 2:41PM Manila time. 

I’m at work, and still on the middle of something. I just remembered this one thing that I would never ever want to forget… It was the first time Dennis held my hand. Haha, I really find this cute.

I think it was March, 11, 2012? Not sure if that’s the exact date though, but it was the Metro Manila Pep Rally for ILC Aklan.

Mass is ongoing. He’s sitting beside me and Roxanne. Of course, at some point in the mass, we will sing the “Our Father” and everyone will hold hands. About a minute or two before that, after he knew that “that” will be the next song everyone will sing, he slightly turned his back on me, opened his bag, fetched his little cologne bottle up, and sprayed some on his hands.

I thought he’ll eventually spray some on his shirt, but he didn’t. He just sprayed the cologne on his hands, and rubbed them together. Ako naman, nawala naman sa isip ko na “Our Father” na pala yung susunod. Then when the officiating priest announced that we’ll sing the prayer that Jesus Christ taught us, and everyone (including us) held hands, it struck me, “Aaah, kaya pala nagpabango sa kamay! Hahaha.” I looked at him, but his eyes are closed, while solemnly singing the song. Napailing ako. Hahaha, I was smiling the whole time. :) Then after everyone sang, he squeezed my hand gently before finally letting go of it.

Until now, he doesn’t know that I noticed what he did. Haha. Ang cute cute mo, Dennis! Hahaha.

It’s really the little gestures, the little gestures, that are unforgettable. <3

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