Been Busy

I know I haven’t put up as much blog posts as last week or week before that, but it’s because it’s been pretty busy here in the office.

I don’t know why?! I’ve been doing the same thing everyday naman. I’m not bored okay, I’m actually loving that I have so much to do. I love being busy. Because I love that feeling that it seems the day just passed by.

Also, I’ve been taking longer in finishing the Daily Audit Report because I just had my own access with the system, you know, system issues and all? It’s kinda bumming but, it’s alright!

The last post I’ve put up? I’ve worked on that for around 4 days. I can’t seem to find the time to finish it up, because at home, I’d rather lay down and just browse my Facebook news feed for new interesting videos that my friends post (Yes, I find a lot of videos in Facebook interesting. Haha) on my phone, rather than do everything on my laptop (I leave my laptop at my apartment because it’s pretty big, I find it hard to bring to and fro from our house to my apartment after every end/start of my work week), because the internet on my apartment is slower than Patrick’s rock. *facepalm*


So yep, I’ll try my best to publish more within the weekend. I have some posts in the works. :D

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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