The People I Like, and Why I Like Them

 THE 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE DAY 6: The person you like and why you like them.

I like a lot of people. They could be my friends, family, or the people who I look up to. In this post, I’ll share the people who I first thought of.

Let’s start with the people I look up to, a.k.a., my idols. 

1. Taylor Swift


– I like Tay-Tay first, because of her music. She is a superstar yet her music speaks like it’s from an ordinary girl. She sings about love, family, and friends. She is the voice of all those girls that don’t know how to express/ say what they feel. It could be to a boy, their family, or their friends.

Another thing I like about her is that she stayed humble. Despite the fame, she tries to live a normal life. Yes, we’ve seen her won a lot of music awards, but she doesn’t look like the others that looks like their expecting to win the trophy, you know what I’m saying? I love how she’s always shocked, surprised and giddy whenever she wins any award. I also love how she’s always grateful. To her family, friends, and to her loving fans.

I’ve learned about her story and I was inspired how she went from one record label to another, playing her songs and asking to be signed up as their artist. Her hard work was no doubt worth it, as we can see how successful she is right now.

Yes, we know Taylor had been through a lot of relationships, but, since this is where she gets inspiration to write good music, I’d let it pass. Haha.

And oh, I looooooove her hair right now. And the red lipstick is perfect on you, honey. <3

2. Yeng Constantino

yeng-constatino 397161_10151262107133926_2113352474_n 554942_508848612510080_1049657174_n

– Ever since she joined Pinoy Dream Academy, I have been one loyal fan. <3 Ate Yeng is really down to earth, as seen in the reality show. I admire how she worked hard to pursue her dream. Knowing that she was once like me, a highschool girl with her band, playing and singing her heart out, it gave me the inspiration to work hard, and continue pursuing my dreams.

I like how Ate Yeng never forgot the Father Almighty. Though I am catholic, and she is christian, I know we are worshiping and serving the same God. Some artists would rarely go to church and completely forgot about Him, but Yeng? She never forgot God. She regularly reads the bible and always goes to church to worship. She is a true role model.

I don’t know if I’m just being biased because I love the color red, but the red hair is so perfect for her! I also like how she makes pa-cute. Specially on the Pag-Ibig music video. Hihi!

I wish she would make a Gwiyomi video. :D (If you would happen to stumble across my blog Ate Yeng, please please please make a Gwiyomi videoooo! :D Haha.)

3. Armi Millare (Updharma Down)

armi l tumblr_midh19OWcI1rxwtp0o1_1280

– Ms. Armi is really closed out to the public about her personal life. I know it’s hard for celebrities to keep it that way, but I like how she (and the rest of the band) manages to do that.

Even though she keeps her personal life private, she gives us some clue about it through their songs. You can feel how heartfelt she sings. I looove her voice. I love how she modulates her voice for it to be strong yet full. She sings from the heart, that’s for sure.

I’ve been a fan for a few years now, and I’ve always loved her voice on tape. So when I got the chance to watch one of their gigs at Saguijo Bar and Cafe last March 16, I was in awe. She looks and sings even better in person. As in, WOWAkala ko maganda at magaling na siya in tape, pero mas magaling pa lalo sa personal. Hanep! Some artists just sounds good on tape, but don’t put UdD and Armi as one of them, as they sound great on tape, and even greater live.

Now, my best friends. :)

1. Rachel Baltazar

5832_3775668649957_10251716_n 63175_3428235324341_389551981_n 67885_3409915146348_2051414244_n

– Meet my bestfriend since Grade 2, Rachel. :)

When we were kids, she is the Crush ng Bayan. And I can’t blame the boys! I mean, she’s pretty, she’s smart, and she’s kind. She’s always on top of the class. A real achiever, she is.

On our batch in high school, only two passed and was able to study at the State University, or University of the Philippines, and as proud as I am, my bestfriend is one of those two. She spent her first year at UPLB (University of the Philippines Los Banos at Laguna), and later on transferred to UP Diliman. While studying, she is also working part-time. That’s another thing I admire her about. She worked to help their family in easing up with the finances, and tried paying for her own needs.

Rachel is the perfect best friend. She would laugh at your jokes, throw funny stories back, listen to your rants, and be there whenever you need her. But also, being a good friend means you need to sometimes whack the reality right on your friend’s head, and yes, she does that, in the most subtle way she can. Hahaha.

She had been through a lot, about family and her lovelife. But still, she never forgot the Lord. She always makes it a point to dedicate at least one day for worship. That’s why the Lord never failed to shower her blessings.

She’ll be graduating this week from UP, and I could never be more proud. <3

2. Carla Aarika Torrevillas – Zambrano

36937_135775163101028_1552624_n 253784_227248227287054_8097019_n 293695_280452141966662_1929525675_n

– Meet my bestfriend since I was in Grade 3 (and she was in Grade 2), Aarika. :)

This girl has a lot to give. She is a great singer, a top student and a loving daughter.

One thing I like about her is that she is always cheerful. I rarely saw her frown, she always has that full smile plastered on her face. Haha. She is one person I know that stands firm on her beliefs. She is one strong girl turned to a graceful and loving woman.

She is also just a sem away from graduating at FEU – NRMF (Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation), with her degree, Medical Technology. I’m so excited for her! :”>

Also, another great thing is, Aarika is now the loving wife to Jay, and mom to Phoebe Arabella. (This kid is soooooo cute!)


Even though we don’t see and talk to each other that much, I know within our hearts that the friendship and love remains. <3


We have a lot of reason to like or love someone, but why is it sometimes hard for us to express it to them? Take time to show your love to your loved ones, before it’s too late. :)

I still have a lot of bestfriends/ people that I like that I can put in here. But maybe I’ll  just compose another post for them. :)

G’night! :*

*I do not own any of the photos, unless stated otherwise*


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