5 Things That Irritate Me About the Opposite/Same Sex.

 THE 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE DAY 5: 5 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex.

Opposite Sex (Male)


  •  They hate on the guys that a lot of girls like/ have a crush with. (e.g: Justin Bieber, Daniel Padilla) – I mean, c’mon! I know you’re hatin’ ‘coz you’re just jealous of the attention. Stop spreading rumors that they’re gay, okay? (Disclaimer: I’m no fan of the said examples. ;))
  • They keep their true feelings about something/someone-to their selves. – I read somewhere that this is the reason why guys are more “suicidal” than girls. It’s okay to let go of your feelings sometimes. You just need to pick the right person to show it to. It could be your parents, siblings, girlfriend, or a very close friend. Seriously, it wouldn’t lessen up your “manliness“.
  • They sometimes don’t care about anybody else. – For example, this random guy I saw while waiting for a jeepney to ride at in front of our school. There are a lot of people waiting to board the jeep, but, because he wanted to make sure that he can join that ride, he pushed out everyone, even those who are waiting there longer than him, and even the elder.

Same Sex (Female)


  • They feel bad whenever a friend of theirs is called “prettier”. – I’m not gonna lie, I feel this sometimes. It’s just that there’s always this “secret-competition”, within us girls, to who will be the prettiest. Guys will never understand this, don’t hate on us.
  • They wear short skirts/shorts/dresses and complain whenever a guy checks their gams up. – I never wear short-shorts/skirts whenever I go out and commute. I only wear these sexy thangs when I’m in the mall and I’m driving my own car. I never felt comfortable with wearing ultra-mini garments out in the open public. And don’t blame the guys, girls. You displayed it, they’ll check it out. Nature na nila yan. ;)
  • Some girls can’t go to the comfort room (or even anywhere) by themselves. – I’ve been like this before, I know, but that was in High School. I know some who are like this even now. Nakakairita pala! Like, seriously, girl? The CR is just about 5 steps away, with good lighting! Maiintindihan ko pa kung madilim, malayo at nakakatakot yung daan eh.
  • They say “Men are all the same”. – I’ve said this before, about once or twice, but later on I realized that it’s not that true. I know that those girls that said this, know deep down, that they don’t want to generalize it to all men.  We all know some guys that are loving and respects women, unfortunately, we don’t even consider being with them (You know, friendzoned?).

So, does anyone agree? I know there’s still lot more to be irritated about, but, these are based on my observations and I don’t want to generalize, okay? These are just for blogging purposes. Haha.

Happy Monday everyone! *kisses


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