Weird Things I do When I’m Alone

Day 1. Weird things you do when your alone

So for Day 1 of this challenge, I’d like to say first hand that, never have anyone known about any of these. I’m too shy to disclose these to anybody before. Hahaha. But since this is a challenge, here you go…


Oh dear. Hahahaha, don’t know where to start actually.

I think every one of us does weird things whenever we’re alone. I’ll try to enumerate everything I do alone, on certain circumstances.


  • I talk to myself in pure English, complete with an American accent
  • I pretend I’m a YouTube Beauty Guru
  • I do the GWIYOMI
  • Emote in front of the mirror


  • Sing along with that song on the radio as loud as I can
  • I say, “Uy gwapo! Hihi!”, whenever I see a handsome driver. *wink*


  • Dance! (I usually bring my phone at the bathroom to play music)
  • Sing Mariah Carey’s, Whitney Houston’s, Adele’s birit-songs at the top of my lungs (Would you consider this weird? I bet everyone sings, every once in a while, while taking a bath.)


C’mon guys, I’m not the only one, right? Right? I hope I’m not that weird enough. (I know I’m not, you need to admit it to yourselves na!! Hahaha)

So I think that’s it! 2nd challenge will be up tomorrow.

Peace y’all.


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