April 05, 2013 : Good and Bad News


Today I woke up with very great news! My best friend Aarika just had her baby this morning! With her husband, Jay, they named the baby Phoebe Arabella. The moment I read the text message, I was really happy! :) I want to visit her right away, kung wala lang pasok. :(

Just to share, after I dropped by their house, after finding out that my dear best friend is pregnant, I went to the mall with my family and I was really looking forward in buying things for this cute little kid! I want to get her every single pink stuff that’s displayed in the mall, those cute little shoes! Gaaaah! I feel like I’d be spoiling this kid. -_- Haha. At nagdesisyon na ko na magiging ninang ako! Hahaha! 

I’d share some photos once I paid a visit. :)



One of my very good friends’, Jayson, father, passed away this morning. His Dad has been fighting for his health for a couple of years already. I know this is a hard time for them. No one is ever ready for the death of any loved one. I definitely extend my sympathy to their family.

One thing I admire about their family is their closeness, from the parents to the children, and vise versa. I’ve always looked up to this family. They are a perfect example of a happy family. Everyone supports everyone. That would be one thing I wish I had while growing up.


Another thing I noticed about today is that it feels like there are a lot that’s bound to happen today. Despite that a lot of people here in the office are having a bad day, I am still looking forward to end this work day with an open heart. Open heart, because it’s the first day of the main program of YFC’s International Leader’s Conference at Marikina Sports Complex! I am soooo excited!

Tonight would be the Liveloud Concert which would be the first session of the conference. And since it would be held at Manila, which is the heart of the mission, I bet a lot would be coming in from different provinces and countries, as well. Why Manila? Because it’s our 20th birthday! :) I was born just a few months earlier before YFC. Hehe.

I am currently browsing posts of ILC delegates through Tumblr. Grabeee, lalo ako naexcite! Haha.

See you there brothers and sisters! :D


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