It Takes a Man and a Woman ♥

It takes a man and a woman and one magic moment
To know their in heaven
It takes a man and a woman to feel what we’re feelin’
And aint it a miracle that you’d take a woman like me
To love a man like you

Who doesn’t love Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas? They have been the mushiest couple I know in local movies. You ask why? Well…

1.) Laida never fails to have a colored paper sticked in Miggy’s mug whenever she makes his cup of coffee.

2.) “Bebe ko!”

3.) “Bebe ko!” Ringtone

4.) Sundance (you know, the cute dance they make to stop the rain? Hahaha. Cray.)

5.) “I love you!”, sagot ng isa, “I love you more!” (You Changed My Life in a Moment)

6.) ♫ Kailan (kailan)… kailan mo ba mapapansin ang aking lihim? Kahit anong gawing lambing, di mo pinapansin…♫


Ever since I watched the first two movies, I fell inlove with the characters. I mean, I’m not much of a fan of Sarah and John Lloyd, but I love Laida and Miggy (and all the other characters that JL portrays). <3 It’s such a sweet story how they were able to transform each other to become a better person.

On the first movie, A Very Special Love, Miggy was the hothead and mean boss, and Laida was the love-stuck dreamer. Her dream was simple, to meet the man of her dreams, but as luck stroke at Laida, she even landed a job with Miggy’s company, as HIS editorial assistant. Though there were times that he had been rough with everyone, Laida managed to keep up with him and work well despite his attitude.

On the second movie, You Changed My Life in a Moment, it was the movie that showed them as a couple. At first, they were great, but then when Miggy was assigned to be the manager of their family’s industrial laundry business in Laguna, they started to have problems. Since there is a brief distance from Manila to Laguna, one of them had to travel to and fro to meet each other. In the end, (since it’s always a happy ending) they still managed to talk it out, and ended the movie in a “KISS”. (It’s not really a kiss. You know how conservative Sarah is.)

And of course, on the third movie!

Okay I’ll stop, I don’t want to spill out spoilers here! Hahaha.

But seriously, you all should go ahead and watch it, it’s worth the money. There are a lot of quirky lines (thanks to Zoila (Matet), John Ray (Joross) and Carlo(Guji)’s catchy lines that really cracked the crowd up. Haha.) and tearjerker scenes. I just don’t like Isabelle Daza’s acting that much (she’s really pretty and hot though). My favorite part would be the flashback of Laida and Miggy’s breakup. Grabe ‘yon. Emosyon kung emosyon! It’s the best movie I’ve watched for this year so far. ;)

Hey, we all need a little dose of kilig from time to time no! It’s a great movie for the family, bata o matanda, may ngipin o wala. I definitely plan on watching it again. ;)

That’s it for now! Last day of my work week tomorrow! Yey! ü


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